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10 Questions and Answers about the sacred Spirit World

Spirit world

In 1854 a unique trend arose in Paris where Hipólito León Denizard Rivail better known for Allan Kardec is its representative and dedicated his life to the study of paranormal phenomena and the world of spirits.

In 1857, "The Book of Spirits," a legendary work written by him, was born and thus the spiritist doctrine was born.

There are many questions and answers to all spiritual events, because in different places and with different mediums he carried out his experiments in order to learn more about the world of spirits.

His answers have served many, including me, because sometimes we don't know how or why certain apparitions happen.

Knowing more about the Dead, meanings and curiosities:

Here are 10 questions according to the criteria of this professor Allan Kardec that are very interesting.

1. Could we have a talk with a spirit that appears to us?

Yes you can have a conversation and we should always ask who he is, what he wants and what we can do for him.

In case of being a spirit that is suffering, the compassion that we show him will relieve him, in another case if he is a good spirit he can approach to give good advice and indicate a path.

2. How can spirits respond in these cases?

Many times they usually do it by communicating verbally, but the most common is through transmitted thoughts.

3. When we see spirits with wings, do they actually carry them?

They do not carry wings because they can be transported from one place to another without having them.

They can also appear sometimes dressed in different ways and within those forms perhaps with wings.

Sometimes they do it for the purpose of intruding and others because they wear clothing characteristic of that spirit.

4. In the case of mocking spirits, can they take on the appearance of deceased loved ones so that we can make mistakes?

There are things that these spirits are not allowed and one of them is to take on this type of appearance.

5. When we are sick, why do we often have more spirit visions?

The weakness of our body when being sick gives more freedom to the spirit and enters to communicate with other spirits.

This happens because the emotional and material ties are more exposed and relaxed.

6. The voluntary manifestations of spirits are sometimes repeated in specific places. Could it be that these places transmit particular vibrations?

Spiritual manifestations such as noises and apparitions are everywhere, but they tend to present different profiles depending on the place.

7. Spirits almost always appear at night. Could this be the product of silence and our imagination?

Clarity erases appearances of light spirits, but it does not mean that they manifest more at night than during the day.

Sometimes the imagination tends to engañar for different reasons, whether in solitude, in prolonged silences, the echo of montañaS, etc.

8. Are spirits really seen from the visual plane?

We believe that this is the case, but in reality the one that sees the spirit is our soul and proof of this is that a spirit can be seen with its eyes closed.

9. How can a spirit become visible?

It tends to assume the qualities or characteristics of the perispirit that can undergo transformations by the same spirit.

That is, if they are not surrounded by a semi-material envelope they cannot be seen.

It depends on that envelope they manifest and appear in different ways.

10. What is the perispirit?

It is the part that surrounds the spirit or a bond that unites body and soul.

It is a pure energy of God, it is an intermediary of the thoughts and emotions that the soul transmits and this comes from the universal cosmic fluid.

The world of spirits is very complicated and very interesting, some hear them, others see them, others are their instruments through the body, but no one is born forever and death is an indissoluble part of our life.

Mañana we will also be spirits.

May the light of your spirits always work for your well-being!

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