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Why are spiritual representations made on Cedar dolls?

Cedar dolls

Cedar has been one of the most widely used woods in the spiritual field throughout the ages.

Through this, dissimilar figures from crosses to dolls have been created, which have played various roles in the art and esoteric practices of that time, and which today continues to be this raw material in the preference of many religious.

The spiritual properties of Cedar

One of the main properties of cedar is the purification of the rooms, because through this virtue bad energies are absorbed and neutralized.

  • Placing a cedar cross over the head of the bed It is a total guarantee capable of banishing the mocking spirits that disturb the sleep and rest of man, although the favorite target of these entities are the little ones at home.

Formerly the Cedar was venerated with great devotion, because it was believed that through this tree one could spiritually ascend to another higher plane, where it was possible to interact directly with the deceased.

In turn, its wood was used in rituals where through its smoke the evil presences and the incarnated demons of envy and the evil eye were stripped from the houses.

Using fragments of cedar trunks, the artisans have given life to various spiritual representations, among which the carving of;

  • Virgins,
  • Indians and
  • black congos.

Wood that has strong spiritual energy

This wood has a strong energy, which is linked as it is logical to think with the spirituality of the earth.

When the representative dolls are consecrated with the help of secret ceremonies, not only a being from the other world is being positioned on the new form, but a part of the soul of the planet itself.

These dolls come to play various roles in our lives, as most of them are intertwined with eggunes who are considered protective guides within our spiritual picture.

Cedar was chosen from among other woods for its special gifts as a portal between both planes:

  • The terrestrial and
  • the spiritual.

For harboring many years of learning and evolution in its roots, having witnessed various works and secret pacts between the religious and the Eggunes.

The Eggunes represented in cedar are warriors

Within the Yoruba pantheon, the cedar belongs to Shango, the Orisha of war and owner of the candle, who gave life in its beginnings to the first batá drums made with such sacred wood.

Therefore, the black and congo spirits that are made from cedar are considered jealous warriors and guardians, because they are irradiated by the saint who has no fear and for whom the battlefield is his second home.

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