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Orishas Museum: Art, history and traditions

The good connoisseur of the Afro-Cuban culture and the Yoruba religion knows that this is an essential visit.

El Orishas museum in Cuba It shows the most impressive mix of art, history and traditions, with that unique touch of Cubanness that is evident throughout the premises.

Many are those who come to its facilities in search of spirituality and peace, but above all, of knowledge about the ties that unite this Caribbean Island with the great African continent.

A union that has left us the gift and comfort of art and religion.

Orishas Museum, peace visit

The Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba was in charge of creating the Orishas Museum, located on Paseo del Prado, in Old Havana.

It is a welcoming space to which Cubans and foreigners curious about the Afro-Cuban roots and the centuries-long history that accumulates in the place arrive every day.

In its premises you can see a permanent exhibition of sculptures that represent the orishas, ​​while experienced guides clarify the doubts of the visitors and expand their knowledge about these deities and their powers, as well as their relationship and their synchrony with Cuban culture.

Meeting of cultures

The sculptures present in this museum were made by the artist Lázaro Valdés and constitute replicas of others existing in museums and sanctuaries representative of the Yoruba culture in other parts of the world, especially in Africa.

The Orishas sculptures have clay as their fundamental material and are excellent representations of the deities of the Yoruba religion, with an emphasis on Nigerian culture.

El Orishas Museum in Cuba it is a national monument. There, various Santeria rites are performed and two Fridays a month, drum ceremonies are performed and the history of the Orishas is explained to those who attend.

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