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Pataki from the Birth of Baba Ejiogbe: An Odun with Double Salvation

Ejiogbe Birth

This is the story of the Birth of Ejiogbe, the Oddún of Ifá that rules the year 2022.

Yoruba story of Orishanla and his wife

Yoruba legend tells that while on earth Afin, Orishanla's wife, became pregnant, although she continued to have many problems in marriage.

And it is that Afin did not want to give Orishanla a child, and as her pregnancy continued she became much more aggressive in her relationship with her husband.

One day the moment of childbirth arrives and a child is born.

Once at home, Orishanlá is worried because there was nothing to feed the infant, and to fulfill his purpose he goes to pick yams, okra and vegetables in a nearby land.

But Orishanla is late collecting food and seeing that it was late and her husband did not return, Afin gets very bad-tempered and begins to lament that her husband did not love her and that he had left her alone with the child in the house. House.

This is not enough for Afin and she decides to end her marriage in a tragic way, causing the death of her husband.

The son of Orishanlá and Afin warns his parents of Death

As Orishanlá had forbidden palm wine and she knew it, Afin decides to finish him off by giving him that wine to drink mixed with the water he drank.

Then he prepares the water to fulfill his objective, puts the boy to bed and goes out to see his neighbors.

When Orishanlá returns and does not see his wife, he decides to prepare dinner for her.

He looks for water without knowing that it is poisoned, and puts the yam to cook. She makes him thirsty and at the moment of drinking she is surprised because her newborn son talks about her and warns him:

Father, don't drink that water that my mother mixed with palm wine.

Stunned by the warning of his newborn son who spoke, he pays attention to him and does not drink.

Orishanlá, very upset, retaliates by adding salt to his wife's dinner, knowing that salt was forbidden for her.

Upon returning Afin goes straight to dinner and suddenly hears the boy say:

Mother, be careful that my father added salt to dinner!

Afin, hysterical, begins to scream and call her neighbors, telling them that her husband wanted to poison her for having conceived a child.

Faced with such confusion, the deities decided to meet at Orishanla's house to see what was happening.

To do justice the deities judge what happened

Oggun was in charge of directing that meeting, since Orishanla was the accused and could not exercise his position.

First they call Afin to declare and she says:

  • My husband is aware that for me salt is prohibited and can kill me, even so, he added it to my dinner.
  • Then Oggun asks: And how did you know that your husband was the cause?
  • my son warned me– replies Afin

Everyone was surprised at such a statement and did not believe what they heard, since the child was a newborn.

Now it was Orishanlá's turn to defend himself.

  • Did you put salt on your wife's dinner? Oggun Question
  • Yes, Orishanla said. And for everyone it was a surprise that his answer was affirmative.

He then explains that before he added the salt, his wife had added palm wine to his water to poison him.

  • And how did you know that your wife was the cause? – asks Oggun
  • my son warned meOrishanla replies

Then all the deities looked at the boy and to everyone's surprise he said:

Eji Mogbe Mi Ogbe Enikon

Whose meaning is: «Saving lives of their parents on Earth»

And everyone understood why the newborn had warned his parents of death.

Then after seven days they baptize the child with the name of Ejiogbe which means: "double salvation"

Meaning of this story in The Osha Ifá Rule:

In Santería, due to this first work done by Ejiogbe on earth, during the initiation ceremony in the Igbodun or Santo's room, all the sacrificial animals are double.

Palm wine and salt are also poured on all the elements in reminder of what happened to his parents on the day of Ejiogbe's birth.

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