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The use of Yam in the Yoruba Religion ≫ Fruit for Addimú and Ebbó

Yam santeria

The name is a sacred tuber in the Yoruba Pantheon, it has numerous uses and magical-religious attributions, which is why it is used with devotion in so many temples in Cuba.

Yam and its uses in Santeria

One of its main roles is being the main element in many of the addimús (offerings) that are placed to the Orishas, ​​it also serves as a vehicle of sorcery to defeat enemies and as a central element in the ebbó (cleaning) that the foot of the Orisha ELEGUÁ..

Addimú of yam roasted at the foot of the Orisha Elegguá to defeat the enemies

When the religious wishes to defeat an enemy, he roasts a Yam to the Orisha Elegguá.

  1. The devotee writes on a tracing paper the full name of the enemy and places the writing on the plate on which the yam is placed.
  2. Once the tuber has cooled, it is placed in front of the representation of the saint.
  3. With the help of two lighted candles and the deity's maraca, the help of Elegguá is invoked standing up to defeat this enemy with his blessing.

The pact of the Yam with Orunmila the Oracle of Ifá

orunmila It has a secret pact between Yam and Ifá divination, since this is one of the ingredients used to make the magic powder with which the Oracle predicts the future of its consultants.

With this powder the Orisha blesses her children through its use as talc and in the preparation of baths in which the person's head must always be respected.

Addimú with 8 pieces of Yam and cascarilla at the foot of Obatala, the owner of all heads

This nutritious tuber is used in the elaboration of an adimú for Obatala the pure white Orisha.

This consists of the elaboration of a dish where it is required to soften eight pieces of yam that once they are at room temperature they will be covered with cocoa butter and cascarilla crushed.

This offering is placed in front of the Obatalá tureen, to which two white candles are previously lit in order to give the deity knowledge that an adimu is going to be placed on it.

Ebbó at the foot of the holy warriors with Yam

When the santero needs to get rid of an evil, he takes a raw yam and chops it up, once chopped he deposits it inside a tracing paper to which he añaof alms, cascarilla, smoked fish, corn and jutia and wraps it to form a cartridge.

Facing the Orishas, ​​the santero takes the package in his hands and begins to wipe himself head downwards "from the head down" and to converse with the Warriors.

Once this ritual is finished, he places the cartridge in the four corners or in the bush where Elegguá receives it and in this way the purification ritual ends.

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