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6 Characteristics of Nana Burukú: Exploring its Meanings

Nana Buruku Yoruba

Nana Burukú is one of the longest-lived Orishas that exists within the Yoruba Pantheon. His wisdom and power are proportional, his name comes from the union of two words that translated into Spanish mean mother moon.

Meet the ancient Orisha, powerful deity

This deity represents the spirituality of the night, works with the moon and the stars and its power comes from the energy that circulates on the earth.

this holy embodies the mysteries, the unknown, but tempting that the secrets between life and death are.

1. Color and habitaYoruba grandma t

Burukú is identified with the color purple, it is said that she goes for a walk during the drizzle, at which time she goes unnoticed.

where they exist sources of stagnant water, fauna and remote areas, there will be Nana Buruku.

2. Spiritual works in the name of Nana

During the day they work at the foot of the saint To obtain purposes, when summoning it at night, a call is made to take revenge and execute the enemies and all those who have done wrong.

nana is a Santa who does not admit abuse and at the opportune moment he applies justice silently. 

3. Protector of women

She is the protector of women. represents the breasts and the vision, because she is a mother before everything, she knows everything and sees everything, that is why no one can deceiveañaRLA.

4. Nana Burukú belongs to the cult of witches

She works by candlelight and in silence, she is not a fan of noise or multiple spectators. She is related to the cult of witches because of her attachment to the night, the swamps, spirituality and all the other similarities they have, it is believed that this Orisha She is the queen of witches within the Yoruba Pantheon.

5. The Orisha in Santeria

Nana Burukú is an Orisha wrapped in mysteries and that currently few religious have the pleasure of having received in the Osha Ifá rule, because very few have their consecration and secrets.

It syncretizes with Santa Ana within the Catholic religion.

6. Offerings you like

Among her favorite offerings that Nana Burukú receives in the Yoruba religion are the candles and the guavas.

His favorite flowers are white.I am purple, especially liking roses, gladioli and carnations.

The patakis (Yoruba stories) recount that he had discrepancies with the iron orisha Oggún therefore does not allow animals to be slaughtered be immolated with weapons, their sacrifice being a mystery inside the saint's room.

The religious, even if he has not received it, can perform prayers, especially during the night of the full moon, where the star and its messengers are most powerful on earth.

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