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The mysterious story of the Ñangajúa: A witch in the Cuban bush


In the center of the country, there is a popular belief that an old woman with an impressive and unattractive appearance lives among the dense forests, which is known under the name of the Ñangajúa.

It is speculated that this female possesses supernatural powers, some describe her as a witch, while for others she is just a spirit that is intertwined with a Cuban myth related to a famous healer who habitadown the hills

The truth is that national customs and traditions place this spectrum as one of the most terrifying in the Escambray, in Cuba.

What mysteries haunt this evil entity?

It is believed that this witch never sleeps, waiting lurking for the arrival of an intruder to her domain to do many excesses with him.

The truth is that no one dares to walk through the mountains at night for fear of running into it.

Many families tell this story to their little ones so that they do not go into the trees alone, thus preventing them from leaving the house.

Fact that allows them to ensure their safety, since just saying the name of the Ñangajúa to them is an alert that exhorts them to discipline for the sole fact of fearing their appearance.

Various sources compare the existence of the Ñangajúa with the witch Baba Yaga, from Slavic mythology, because both habitan inhospitable places and feed on defenseless children.

It is in the mountains where the Ñangajúa lives...

It is believed that the Ñangajúa has a pact with the Siju, who leads the way of the lost to the witch's house, which provides an ideal refuge to shelter from the fog and rain during cold nights.

Moment that the sorceress takes advantage of to do her evil deeds.

Some report having stumbled upon a very small hut, built with palm boards and looking neglected, making it appear that it is abandoned.

These reveal that when entering its interior it is completely empty and dusty, making the place seem larger from within.

After they feel safe, the witch shows her figure, tying them with vines and ropes.

The lucky ones who have managed to escape They reveal that after many days they feel they find themselves while they sleep, visiting the enclosure again, a fact that causes them great fear as they report remaining in some way connected with the witch and her home.

How to beat the Ñangajúa?

Cedar crosses and black pepper are believed to scare the Ñangajúa away.

In the same way that scissors do, because the witch feels threatened by the edge of its blades, because in the past a brave woman dared to cut a lock of her hair and in this way weakened her.

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