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What is the Ñangareo? Sacred ceremony that honors the sun and refreshes us


The Ñangareo It is done in the consecrations of the Osha-Ifá Religion (santeria) that are carried out before Itá or after some important sacrifice to render moforibale (respect, reverence) and give thanks to the Sun.

In the Yoruba religion, the Ñangareo (Ina Ngare O) refers to appeasing the Sun.

This sacred and ancestral ritual is a direct cult to the sun (Olorun in Yoruba culture).

It is said that Olorun had to do ebbó (cleaning) because men became his adversaries and wanted to eliminate him.

Why does Olorun (Sol) perform ebbó?

According to Yoruba legends, the sun comes into conflict with human beings because it burned with its heat, it was also disgusted because it shone and still no one respected it and its enemies increased every day.

Entonces Orunmila the great oracle of Ifá He talks to Olorun and proposes to him to make divination, and he comes out to do ebbó.

Olorun made ebbó following the word of Ifá and that is how humanity begins to respect him, that is why when the sun is very strong everyone is afraid to rise and this is thanks to the ebbó that he made.

What materials is Olorun marked to make ebbó?

Among the materials that mark it is a gourd and red cloth, and both are offered by Eshú.

When the sun makes ebbó it begins to grow, to gain strength and to move, and it is established that when the sun made all its movements and reached a culmination point in the center, everyone would hide and could not ask for anything.

That is why the Ñangareo ceremony is done very early and always before 12 noon, since at that time is when the sun's rays strike the earth perpendicularly, they are very strong and cause damage.

What elements are used in the Ñangareo ceremonies?

In this ceremony the same ingredients are used that the sun (Olorun) used to make Ebbó.

  • A gourd is used where the Sara Eko (liquid Eko) is poured, a refreshing drink through which the Sun is implored to appease.
  • It is covered with a basket and a red cloth on top.

The Ñangare or Ñangale It is usually prepared with milk, cornmeal, brandy and honey, it should always be fresh and never hot, because it is to refresh.

Objective of the Ñangareo:

This sacred ceremony seeks to honor the sun in order to receive its energetic blessings, its protection, so that it refreshes us and so that all the participants of the ceremony begin their day irradiated with great spirituality.

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