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2 Addimús with sweet oranges to please the Orisha Oshún

Oranges for Oshún

The Orisha Oshún is the Venus of the Yoruba Pantheon. Among her numerous virtues, her great beauty stands out, which is accompanied byañagives proportionately of intelligence and wisdom.

Its powers are related to femininity, conception, love and health, goods that the African deity provides to her children depending on their merit.

She is a just saint and is always ready to help anyone who requests it as long as she does so with faith and respect, this Orisha does not admit injustice, or slander, defects that she severely punishes.

Offerings with oranges for Oshún

This deity is requested in order to obtain happiness and harmony, two virtues that are essential to lead a peaceful and full life.

For this, the santero relies on his favorite flowers and foods, among which sweet oranges stand out, which are placed in the form of adimu at the foot of his tureen or in the river, a place where habita freely.

Basket with sweet oranges in the river for the Orisha who owns the honey.

Oranges for Oshún offering in basket

A beautiful work to please Yalodde, the name by which this saint is identified, is to make her a basket with sweet oranges, which are considered the favorite fruits of the deity.

It is necessary to decorate the offering with ribbons, because the holy protector of fertility likes tributes of great beauty.

The oranges that are chosen to fill the basket must be as sweet as the beautiful Orisha, otherwise the saint will not receive them. This offering is placed to Oshún on the riverbank, where the most beautiful deity of the Yoruba Pantheon habita.

5 oranges at the foot of Oshún with honey and cinnamon to attract true love.

Oranges for Oshún offering with honey

A powerful work at the foot of Oshún is carried out when five sweet oranges are placed at the foot of its receptacle in order to attract true love among so many ireses.

These should be cut in half, for later añatell him on its surface honey from bees and cinnamon.

Two yellow candles are lit to the saint, then the offering is placed at her feet and with the help of the bell, an instrument that is used for the invocation of the saint and while the religious is on his knees, he prays for her health and for that of his family.

Later he talks to the Orisha about his wishes and dreams.

After five days the work is removed, which is deposited in the river to culminate in this way the magical ritual.

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