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Ogbe Tua: The secret of the religious name The occult guards luck!

Name in Ogbe Tua

In the land ruled by Inle, the doctor of the Osha there lived a religious named Ogbe Tua.

He was very faithful to the Yoruba religion and despite all the devotion he felt for his beliefs, the uncertainty of wanting to know the meaning of his name remained in his mind.

Pataki where you wanted to know the meaning of the religious name

One day he went before an Ifa priest of great respect, who considered himself the possessor of all the secrets pertinent to religious names.

When his turn came, the Oluo sang a prayer that said:

You are blessed by Olofin, who placed his trust in you.

After this he did not reveal another word to him and the man left for his home.

During the night when he got ready to rest he began to dream of Olofin, where he saw himself in his company eating at a table.

And despite the fact that many Ifa priests and santeros got up from the table occupying other positions, this always remained to the right of the Creator.

Fulfilling the word of Ifá comes the direct grace of Olofin

Ogbe Tua woke up scared and at dawn he crept to the house of the village sage to help him decipher the meaning of the dream.

Upon receiving it, the Ifá scholar warned the man not to worry, because the omen of his premonition was very favorable for him.

He also explained that in that dream the secret of his name was hidden, which was translated from the Yoruba as:

The one to the right of Olofin.

After understanding this, the religious felt very happy, because the fact that he knew himself possessed of Olofin's trust filled him with pride.

From that day on, Ogbe Tua lived proud of his name and acted accordingly to honor it and feel worthy of it. 

Ifá Tips for Ogbe Tua

In Ogbe Tua the person is lucky because he was born blessed with the direct grace of Olofin.

For this reason the person should not proclaim the meaning of his name or of any of his religious secrets, because in the anonymity of these causes is that his luck remains.

In this letter the religious enjoys prosperity, benefit that must always take care of and act in consequence of the word of Ifá, in order not to fall out of favor due to disobedience.

In Ogbe Tua many years are lived on the plane of the earth if it is fulfilled with Olofin and the Orishas.

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