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Do you know the Holy Names of the Children of Obatalá and their meaning?

Names of children of Obatala

Obatala He is a major Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon, this represents spirituality and intelligence, a virtue for which he is considered the holy owner of all heads.

The most representative quality that this saint possesses is justice, which he always applies regardless of the consequences, he even does it on his own children, who he considers should lead by example.

This Orisha is invoked in order to provide tranquility, restore hopes that seemed lost, avoid bad fortune and seek the path to a better future, always making clear the precept of fighting in order to make dreams come true.

How is the name designated for the Iyawó of Obatalá?

Names for children of Obatala

When a descendant of Obatalá crowns said saint in the sacred ritual of Osha, it is necessary that in the Itá ceremony he be appointed to the iyawo a name with which he will be identified in Santeria forever.

The selection of the same is at the hands of the deity, who through the help of those present, say Oba and santeros majors and minors, are suggesting names according to the characteristics of the person, which is finally voted thanks to the snail who is constituted as the tongue of the saint.

What are the names that the children of the white Orisha can receive?

There are various names for the children of Obatalá, these are designated in the Yoruba language and are closely related to the distinctive characteristics of these religious.

They reflect in one way or another the religious attributes or avatars of the protective deity of all heads.

The santero uses this name when he is going to converse with the Orishas since it acts as a credential allowing them to recognize it.

The name of the saint does not change during the life of the person, this constitutes a religious secret.

Names for the children of Obatala and their meaning:

Names for children of Obatala and their meaning

Below I show you some of the names selected for the descendants of Obatala and their meaning:

  • Odduala: The mantle of the Prince.
  • Offagumi: The coronation of Obatala.
  • Alaoye: Mantle and mantilla of Obatalá.
  • AdeeggĂşn: The crown of the spirits.
  • Alamito: Mantle that covers the world.
  • Olanolaoke: The one who prays on the hill.
  • Coralu: Cute crown of Obatalá.
  • Oyeyei: Dead man's hand.
  • Ewinleti: Obatalá's ears.
  • Opoaye: Scepter of Obatala.
  • Babayeda: Parrot of Obatalá.
  • Ladele: The one who cares for honor.
  • Apatakimace: Main saint.
  • Okearo: Mountaña of Wonder.
  • Orioriye: Head of the star.
  • Adefun: White crown.
  • Adebaba: Crown of Obatalá.
  • Alabioke: Mantle that covers the hill.
  • Alemi: Lord of all.
  • Oddubi: Owner of good.
  • Ochalache: The AshĂ© of the saint.

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