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Santoral Names for the "Sons of Yemayá" and their Meaning

Names for children of Yemayá

Yemayá is the name by which the protective Orisha is known of oceanic waters, the same deity that is considered the mother of the world.

This derives from the Yoruba expression Yèyé omo ejá «Mother whose children are fish»Hence, his figure is closely linked to the marine world and the secrets that are treasured in its depths.

Do you know the names that Yemayá gives to its Omo?

One of the most awaited moments within the Osha is when the holy name is assigned to the Iyawo, an event that is closely linked to the sacred ceremony of Itá.

It is important to emphasize that the holy names have a special meaning that describes in a certain way characteristics of the religious's personality.

In the case of the omo (sons) Yemayá Their names will be directly related to the ocean as this is the home and source of power of their protective Orisha, this being the highest responsible in said assignment because without their approval no determination can ever be made about their children.  

The names of Saint for the children of Yemayá and their meaning:

  • Ayaba Ti Gbe Ibu Omi: queen who lives in the depths of the waters.
  • Ibu Gba Nyanri: stream that retains the sand.
  • Oloxum: red stream.
  • Ibu Alaro: black stream.
  • Olimọ: owner of the palm leaf.
  • Onilaiye: mistress of the world.
  • Onibode Iju: guardian of the forest.
  • Ayaba lomi lo: reigns in the water.
  • Iyá Ori: mother of the head Queen of the Sea.
  • Omi Laibo: the water that opens paths.
  • Omi Koladde: Water that brings wealth.
  • Omi Dina: the renewal of the waters.
  • Omi Dukon: the seat of the sea.
  • Omi Tokumbo: born of the sea.
  • Omi Nibode: powerful medicine.
  • Omi Lako: roots under water.
  • Omi Lano: the businessman.
  • Omi Relekun: the comforter.
  • Omi Sayade: crowned slug.
  • Omi Sayero: the clean water of the world.
  • Omi Kari: walk straight.
  • Omi Bu: accept me.
  • Omi Lorun: scented water.
  • Omi Loya: holy water.
  • Omi Mile: water that shakes the world.
  • Omi Lala: insistent work.
  • Omi Loro: golden flame.
  • Omi Tawade: firm crown.
  • Omi Ologuede: distracted in the witcher.
  • Omi Alano: pure feelings.
  • Omi Alaye: give us the bread.
  • Omi Alemi: lady of everything.
  • Omi Wemi: Keep the bad away.
  • Omi Kore: precious stone.
  • Omi Misi: clean water.
  • Omi Oriye: star in the sea.
  • Omi Olode: owner of the crown.
  • Omi Alarin: march with dignity.
  • Omi Lueke: break the mysteries.
  • Omi Rele: goes home.

Why is it important to know your holy name?

The name of saint plays a primary role in Osha ceremonies.

From the day the guardian angel is crowned, a new life begins for the religious and since then the initiate in the religion must be called under his new name while he remains performing a ceremony because in this way he will be recognized by the Orishas.

It is valid to emphasize that the holy name must remain secret because through the knowledge of this the person can be the object of some sorcery.

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