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Complete novena in honor of the Blessed Virgin of the Swan, La Churonita!

Complete Novena to the Virgin of the Swan

The Virgin of the Swan is a Marian invocation of the Catholic Church, seen as a Virgin who protects and blesses.

The image that represents this dedication is located in the Basilica of El Cisne, in the El Cisne parish, Loja province, in Ecuador, and many faithful from all over the country come there to ask for the blessing of the Mother of God for protection of your home, for your relatives and for better living conditions.

When is the feast of the Virgen del Cisne celebrated?

Every year, on August 15, devotees from all over gather to worship the Virgin of El Cisne.

The Feast of the Virgin of El Cisne is one of the best-known Marian celebrations that is celebrated every August, in memory of the first appearance of the Virgin in 1594 in El Cisne.

How is the Virgen del Cisne known?

She is also known as the Virgin Churona, simply "Churona" or the little churon of the Swan, due to her curly, curly or curly hair, a word widely used in Ecuador to refer to people with this type of hair.  

How should we pray the novena? Advice

  • First choose a clean and organized place, as it will be your sacred space to exalt and venerate the Virgin Mary, the little virgin of the Swan.
  • You can put flowers, a white candle in his name and say the novena every day without interrupting the prayers.
  • Preferably do it at the same time each day, always be clear about your request, that it be humble, consistent, and above all with the heart and with faith.

Novena to the benefactress: prayers to receive the blessing of the Mother of God

For 9 days, thousands of faithful prepare for this great celebration and for this they pray the Novena to the Virgin of El Cisne, as a show of faith and devotion to the one who did so much for that territory.

To ask for the blessings of the Virgin of the Swan, the novena can be prayed as a family or personally.

Order to perform the novena every day:

  1. First the Opening Prayer is said every day
  2. Second Prayer for every day  
  3. Daily reading of the corresponding day (start from day 1 to day 9)
  4. Joys to the Virgin
  5. Final prayer of every day

Opening Prayer every day

Our sovereign protector, Mother of all virtues! Virgin without blemish! Humbly surrendered to your plants, full of faith in your patronage, we implore your favor and the help of heavenly graces to make this Novena in the right way, from which we hope, through the imitation of your Most Holy Life, for the benefit of our souls the amendment for the future, forgiveness and mercy for the hour of our death. Amen.

Prayer for every day  

Hail Merciful Queen of heaven and earth, who under the invocation of The Swan have wanted to protect us so especially, making us the object of special favors and particular graces.

Bless us as a most loving Mother, since you have deigned to choose our territory for one of the sanctuaries of your worship and asylum of those who love you and come to seek the consolation of their afflictions and needs, taking refuge in your protection.

Bless us, you are our health, our peace and joy; You are the light of our sky, the dew of our fields, the hope of our salvation.

Under your plants the cement plants are covered with flowers and fruits, in your presence the barren wastelands are fertilized and at your 11th step the valleys and hills rejoice and vivify.

Bless, divine Shepherd, the herds of the peasant, the labors of the farmer, the tasks and crops so that the land produces the necessary crops, the daily bread for our children.

Bless us, preserving the innocence of our children, the purity of virgins, the piety of midwives, the morality of customs, the devotion of the people, the Christian recollection of families and domestic harmony.

Bless us, not allowing the public peace to be disturbed, as the singular patron of this province and benefactress of the entire Republic, give them good rulers in all hierarchies, removing by your mercy the evils of war, famine, plague and the earthquakes that we deserve due to our very serious faults and continuous recidivism.

Accept benignly, the humble homage of this novena and the vows of our reverent love, as a filial first of your people, deign to admit the offerings and prayers of the pilgrims who come to your temple to implore help and give you thanks for the benefits that you dispense; to seek at your feet the tranquility, the consolation, the health, the remedy for all the evils and bitterness that surround us in this valley of tears and to publish the wonders of your favor and the wonders of your effectiveness.

Bless us and through your intercession we may be exalted to the heavenly Jerusalem where we beg you to lead us to be worthy of your praise, for ever and ever. Amen

Joys: Novena to the Virgin of the Swan with joys

Hail, divine Mary of light and full glory,

life, perfection and grace 15 of Eden, heavenly Eve,

source of abundant waters, sun of immortal beauty.

Protect your devotees and teach your virtues.

Chaste wife, clean Virgin, of Immaculate purity,

whom the heavens praise and the earth humbly venerates;

dove of love without blemish, flower of the valley always fresh.

Protect your devotees and teach your virtues.

You who hides in Nazareth, like a modest violet

from the archangel to the announcement you bow down and call yourself a servant

and here you look for the cabañasy of shepherds the village.

Protect your devotees and teach your virtues.

Before the immutable decree that your ardent faith venerates,

just like a slave you bow your august queen's brow;

Your word be done to me, the will of God be.

Protect your devotees and teach your virtues.

Poor, without bread, without shelter you made a pilgrimage on earth,

in your town begging for a home, being its queen,

and it was the cradle of your Son of straw and rough stones.

Protect your devotees and teach your virtues.

More to You all come and help and comfort,

your favors and your graces pouring out hands full.

No one was left without relief if he knocked on your door with faith.

Protect your devotees and teach your virtues.

As the bird of the desert warbles only for God,

So, you, mute in the world, you raise your voice to heaven,

of secret love harmony that only the Lord reaches.

Protect your devotees and teach your virtues.

Of your stay in retirement as a wife and a tender mother

Your life passed, Lady, of the teacher families,

lavishing goods on man until you fly to the Eternal.

Protect your devotees and teach your virtues.

Bless our homes, and in them peace preserves love and joy.

Of the children the innocence, the sanctity of the mothers

and the modesty of the maidens.

Protect your devotees and teach your virtues.

Final prayer

Oh Maria! You are called our lawyer, our mediator, our queen because by your hands God has resolved to grant us all his graces.

To You, then, we turn. Can you scrap us?

No: because you have never denied your assistance to the one who has exposed your needs to you

with all the sincerity of the heart.

With that confidence we hope that you will protect us so that we can reach a successful conclusion

of our pilgrimage through this world. Amen.

May the Lord bless us, keep us from all evil and lead us to eternal life. Amen.

1. Day one

«… his mother says to Jesus: They have no wine. Jesus answers her: What do I have with you, woman? It has not come my time yet. His mother says to the servants: Do whatever He tells you.

It was the year 1594, when a prolonged drought hit many towns in the province of Loja hard.

But where the drought was extreme, it was in the small town of El Cisne, reaching the extreme of taking the supreme measure, of leaving the town.

Moreover, before putting their resolution into execution, they raised fervent prayers to heaven, vowing to erect a church dedicated to Mary in that place.

So humble and fervent prayer was heard, a beneficial rain was unleashed on the fields; the rigor of time ceased.

Such was the wonder that gave rise to the small Image of Mary that began to be venerated under the invocation of El Cisne.

2. Second day

"Confirming the faith of our people we want to proclaim that the Virgin Mary, mother of Christ and the Church, is the first redeemed and the first believer" (DSD 15).

Our Lady of El Cisne was all marvels, who very soon spread fame from one border of the Province to the other. The zeal and piety of the Prelates corresponded to this singular movement, who soon found a brotherhood, canonically erected under the title of Brotherhood of Our Lady of the Swan.

The Civil Council, on behalf of and on behalf of the people, agreed to unanimously recognize the Blessed Virgin of El Cisne as a sworn Protectress of Loja and its Province.

3. Day Three

«Then he says to the disciple: There is your mother. And from that hour the disciple welcomed her into her house »(Jn. 19, 27).

«The making of the bulk image is continuous. The news is this is rigorously exact... it was originally bulk, that is, it was all finished in select cedar wood, dark red in color, and carved, by the hands of a sculptor, of proven artistic skill... the tunic, painted dark pink, with fimbriae of gold, and the mantle of sky blue dye dotted with golden flowers, and both dresses, beautifully carved, extend and descend gracefully until covering part of the feet of the Sacred Image.

The cloth dresses that are used to decorate it today in the old Spanish style, are superimposed and concealing the primitive wood carvings..."

4. Day Four

"And entering where she was, he said: Rejoice, the Lord is with you" (Lk. 1, 28).

«The Swan has also been considered a symbol of Mary. Since ancient times, the power of Mary's protection has been presented in allegorical paintings, under the emblem of a beautiful Swan resting peacefully under the protection of leafy laurel foliage, while terrifying clouds cover the sky, threatening a tremendous storm.

The candor of the Virgin is also represented by the admirable whiteness of the Swan."

5. Day Five

«In those days, Mary arose and went quickly into the hill country to a city of Judah; She entered Zechariah's house and greeted Elizabeth »(Lk. 1. 39 – 40).

Without class distinction or condition; Projects and adolescents, in pilgrim clothes and walking staff in hand, without trembling before obstacles of time, distance, or rough roads have arrived at the Swan, making public their faith, their hope and their love for Mary.

In addition to being characterized by ancient, popular, and spontaneous, the pilgrimages have been expressed by a singular stamp of deep piety and devotion.

And in truth, our people en masse have gone there, guided by a great spirit of faith, to honor and glorify Mary, as a means for God to be served and glorified.

6. Day Six

"They all persevered in prayer with the same spirit in the company of some women, Mary, the mother of Jesus..." (Heb. 1, 14).

«Forgive, my Mother, the audacity of your humble servant: it is so sweet to speak of your glories and mercies, even if it is with crude phrases as I do; but You, who penetrate the depths of the heart, know how much I love you...

Yes, my Mother, I love you, and that is why I talk about You; I love you, and that is why I dedicate my poor song to you, I love you, and my tongue will never cease to praise you, I love you, and I ask you, my Mother, to bless me; I love you, sweetest Mother, and my desire is to love you more and more, and loving you in this world with all the truth of my soul, to go sing your glories in heaven.

7. Day Seventh 

«And Mary said: My soul magnifies the Lord... For the Almighty has done wonders for me» (Lk. 1, 46).

«The town of El Cisne is on the top of a high hill in the western mountain range... The poetic name of that summit is in perfect harmony with the beautiful panorama that can be seen from there: to the east the green valleys of the mountains of this province, and to the west the Ecuadorian coast to the sea, which is drawn in the distance as a blue ribbon that blends with the blue of the sky.

How many times have we contemplated, from that height, our beloved Ecuadorian homeland, like a beautiful queen, whose serene forehead crowns the proud Andes and whose feet respectfully kiss the restless waves of the Pacific! I mount themañas are closer to heaven; they complete their beauty when they are crowned by a sanctuary.

For the same reason that this town is at the entrance to this province, the sanctuary of El Cisne is a true castle of defense and security for Loja.

8. Day Eight

"Mary, the caring woman in the face of the need that arose at the wedding of Cana, is a model and figure of the Church in the face of every form of human need" (DSD 163).

If all social classes have disputed the honor of honoring Our Lady of the Swan, the Clergy, the favorite portion of Mary, could not be left behind in this universal movement.

Indeed, it was the year 1925 and a good portion of the clergy was gathered for the annual exercises.

The Blessed Virgin of El Cisne inspired the happy idea of ​​the establishment of an annual festival of the Clergy.

Since then, the Blessed Virgin of El Cisne receives every year the collective tribute of all her clergy. This holiday is perpetually fixed for September 13.

9. Day Ninth

"Happy is she who has believed that the things that were spoken to her from the Lord will be fulfilled!" (Luke 1, 45)

Certificate of gratitude in memory of the canonical Coronation of the Blessed Virgin of El Cisne, verified on September 8, 1930.

«On November 18, 1930, summoned by the parish priest of El Cisne, Dr. José Ma. Rodríguez, the habitabefore the parish at the height of "Condorsamano" (from today it remains under the name of El Cóndor), in order to witness the inauguration and blessing of a column, which at all times keeps alive the memory of the solemn and grandiose demonstrations of Catholic worship paid to our Blessed Mother of El Cisne, on the glorious day of her Canonical Coronation; and also be for the pilgrim an announcing sign, a beacon of light that shows him and leads him to the Sanctuary, where he must fulfill her vows of love and gratitude.

The novena in the Sanctuary of El Cisne, Ecuador

This sanctuary located in the province of Loja, Ecuador, usually begins the novena on August 5 and runs until August 13.

In the novena dedicated to the Virgin, each day refers to different qualities of the Mother of God and a different intention is given to the prayer.

In this way the novena is carried out in the sanctuary according to its intentions or purposes:

  • First Day: "The Virgin Mary source of light and life"
  • Second Day: "The Virgin Mary cause of our joy"
  • Third Day: "The Virgin Mary image and Mother of the Church"
  • Fourth Day: "The Virgin Mary door of Mercy"
  • Fifth Day: "The Virgin Mary disciple and missionary"
  • Sixth Day: "The Virgin Mary in the New Evangelization"
  • Seventh Day: Saturday 11 "The Virgin Mary to meet young people"
  • Eighth Day: "The Virgin Mary in Catholic families"
  • Ninth Day: "The Virgin Mary leads us to the temple"

Learn more about the practice of the sacred novena:

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