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The practice of the Spiritual Novena in Cuba

Spiritual novena

The spiritual novena It is not only a ritual, because of its great scope it has become part of Cuban customs and traditions.

This is a selection of prayers that are said after the death of a loved one in order to make the way to heaven easy and safe so that your soul can enjoy the benefits of eternal rest.

It is also carried out with the aim of obtaining help to overcome any difficulty, invoking God or a Patron Saint in prayer.

It lasts for nine consecutive days, although it can also be done on a specific day of the week for nine consecutive weeks. 

The nine days of this prayer as an ancient practice

This religious habit is related to the Bible because this sacred text reflects that nine days was what it would take for the spirit of the deceased to ascend to heaven.

Other sources defend the theory that the nine prayers are linked to the nine months that Jesus' gestation lasted in the womb of the Virgin Mary.

History recognizes Fray Fernando de Jesús Larrea as the promoter of these prayers, this man was in charge of distributing this doctrine throughout the world.

How is a Spiritual Novena performed in Cuba?

The spiritual novena It enjoys great popularity in Cuba, being considered a funeral rite. It takes effect once the deceased has been given a Christian burial.

This is made up of four prayers, which are led by an Our Father, this is followed by a Hail Mary, then a Creed is prayed and finally a Gloria is said.

The individual who will carry out this practice will need a transparent glass which must be filled with plain water.

The first day you will place the glass with its respective content on the ground, as the days go by, you should place the glass in high places until it reaches its maximum height, which must correspond to the arrival of the ninth day. .

Some believers place under the container with water a piece of paper on which they write the name of the deceased, others light candles while reciting prayers, although this is not mandatory.

For the cubans the novenary The name by which this prayer is also known is an act of love and consolation due to the detachment of the spirit from its carnal representation and its subsequent journey into heavenly space.

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