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Our Lady of the Snows Miraculous protector who guides in danger!

Our Lady of the Snows

Our Lady of the Snows is one of the saints on which popular culture has investigated to a lesser extent, its origin dates back to an ancient marian invocation from the XNUMXth century.

His cult is widespread in Italy, Spain.aña, Latin America and Portugal being considered Our Lady of the Snows as Patron Saint of San Carlos de Bariloche, for which she was appointed as protector of the mountainsañaIt's snowfall.

  • The day of Our Lady of the Snows is celebrated every year on August XNUMX, date in which the devotees give him white roses and candles indistinctly on their altars.

This virgin has a neat appearance, as she is identified by wearing a long white gown adorned with snowflakes, a material from which her crown and relics are made in imitation.

The Virgin of the Snow is the holy protector of mountaineers

This miraculous presence protects those who are lost in the mountains.añas snowfall guiding them to a shelter and safe destination, from the dangers and inclement weather and nature.

Why do we invoke the white virgin?

This white saint is invoked in search of protection and comfort.

Your prayer can also be used to heal old wounds and warm the hearts of those who have put aside the warmth of human feelings of love, compassion, and humility, thus keeping away from God's gaze.

It is this saint who is in charge of promoting the reunion between these beings and the faith in the creator.

Powerful prayer to Our Lady of the Snows to request protection:

Blessed Virgin of the snow patron saint and our mother, we prostrate ourselves before this throne that our filial love has dedicated to you among the beauties and heights of our mountains.añaIt's snowfall.

We beg you to pour out your blessing on all of us, on our relatives, on visitors and mountaineers and that you intercede with your divine son to grant us the grace to spend today and all of our lives in a healthy way and to set us apart. always from all spiritual and bodily danger.

Before this altar that has the snow for a carpet and the sky for a vault, under your sweet gaze and under your protective mantle, we want these hours of healthy recreation to slide and that at the end of the day we descend these peaks with the purest soul and the stronger body to be able to fulfill all our duties.

Most Holy Virgin of the Snows, pray for us all. Amen.

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