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The Mother of the World: Our Lady of Regla

Our Lady of Regla

The rise of the world is a controversial fact that continues to be the subject of investigation even today.

It has been supported by various scientific and religious theories that have passed as wise from generation to generation, this event being molded as soft clay by the calloused hands of cosmopolitan cultures throughout the history of mankind.

Yemayá: The Orisha who breastfeeds the world

Yemaya She is the greatest deity of the Yoruba Pantheon and is considered by her devotees as the mother of the world.

The pataki recounts that, lying on an inch of land, gave birth to humanity and since then she is united to each human being in a spiritual way by means of an umbilical cord that only loosens when her children are ready to face the hazards of destiny.

The owner of the seas as she is also known is syncretized with Our Lady of Regla, a saint who resides in the Havana municipality that bears her name in a commemorative way, said sanctuary was completed in 1818.

The sacred sanctuary of Regla

It is curious to note that being the owner of the ocean and the depths, one of the methods used to access her sanctuary is precisely crossing the bay of Havana in the historic little boat of Regla.

Tradition states that anyone who crosses the sea for the first time to visit it must throw a small alms into the depths as a token of respect.

Even more curious than seven being its representative number, it took just seven minutes for the small boat to cross the bay to reach it.

Virgin and Orisha Day

Its festivity is celebrated on September 7, the day in which its devotees offer fresh fruits, coconut candy, flowers, candles and paper boats in which they send their messages of fidelity and petitions, a holiday in which their procession also takes place.

The Virgin of the Bay is one of the few black saints represented by the Catholic Church, her skin color being precisely a coincidence that intertwines her with the representation of Yemayá in the African religion.

She wears a blue tunic with white lace simulating the waves of the sea that only allows us to see her face, lying at her feet the key to our Villa San Cristóbal de La Habana.

The faith that Cubans feel for it, I would dare to say that it is as majestic and deep as the ocean itself.

Protector of seas and oceans

The Blessed Virgin of Regla protects sailors and fishermen, in the same way she watches over travelers who cross the seas until they reach their destination safely.

Yemayá is the owner of the Sea Storms, the melao (a dark-colored syrup with a thick texture that is obtained from processing the caña of sugar), under its protection are all the riches that remain sunk in the bottom of the sea, the reefs, the marine fauna and flora are also under its care.

The melon is his favorite fruit, he is offered bouquets of red roses and in general he likes various blue objects such as candles and handkerchiefs.

It is common to see boats and drums decorating her altars because she is an avid dancer.

The power of divination and creativity is attributed to this saint, in her nature is also born, her calm and fury at the same time.

Yemayá advises her children to always face life with the truth because this is the only key that will always open all its doors. His fury is great for the one who provokes it, in the same way that his benevolence and forgiveness are great.

Author: Ninette Fernández

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