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Do you know the Religious and Spiritual Meaning behind the Number 7?

Number 7 spiritual meaning

The number seven is a strong number within numerology, this represents the intellect and the reasoning capacity that humans possess, a virtue thanks to which they differ from animals.

This digit embodies wisdom and idealism, it also immortalizes the blessing of dreaming and idealizing a better future. Seven intertwines the spiritual and physical world as a single element.

It is a figure that offers meditation, it represents the protective figure that the family represents for the human being.

Seven influences the study and intellectual development of the person.

On the sentimental level it embodies discretion, the reserved of the individual and inner peace.

The negative of this number is the tendency that exists astrally on perfectionism and laziness, mental expansion is necessary to be able to achieve specific goals and objectives in life.

The number seven was represented in the Bible.

The Bible relates that there were seven angels and seven plagues that influenced the life of man.

The angels represent the goodness of God over humans and their mission of protection towards man, these are the heavenly messengers who carry the divine word of God.

While the seven plagues represent the punishments that man suffered as a method to pay for his sins in his pilgrimage through the terrestrial world.

The power of the number seven in the Yoruba Religion.

Meaning of 7 in numerology

The santeros establish that the digit seven represents the seven African powers, major deities of Santeria who possess the virtue of Olodumare of being crowned on the heads of their children in the sacred ceremony of the Osha.

They are also seen as the fundamental pillars of religion as they are considered as deities of religious foundation.

Seven is the number of YemayaOrisha, owner of the sea and its depths, this saint is considered the mother of humanity, over which she watches by displaying her blessings.

Under the number seven the offerings to the saint who wears blue are placed and it is her representative figure to establish the duration of her works.

Seven rays is the deity Mayombe through which it is syncretized to Shango within Santeria, it represents strength and power.

His cult extends to other religious aspects that today take possession of part of Africa and the Caribbean, with the same fervor as in the past, making use of sticks and herbs according to tradition.

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