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Who is the Orisha Shango Obakoso? "The King who did not hang himself"


The great Orisha Lord of Thunder, of Fire and Drums, Shango, represents in his ways, his different stories as an African king and warrior who rules with justice and courage, with passion and courage.

The different paths of Shango are the titles he received once he was king and therefore represent his role in royalty and his status as a warrior.

Shango In its legends and paths, it always symbolizes the joy of living in an intense way, masculine beauty, passion, intelligence and wealth. He is a great warrior with a thirst for battle and a famed sorcerer who ruled his lands with righteousness and wisdom.

It is said that it was the fortune teller orunmila who made him king of Oyó in exchange for the divinatory system that Shango had discovered.

Shango Obakoso is the Lightning, the Fire and the Laws

Shango Obakoso means "The king did not hang himself”And refers to the reign of Aggayu in Heard after the death of Shango.

The Pataki tells that Shangó was king of Oyó and after being hanged, his twin brother Agayú dethroned the tyrants who had claimed the throne and became the new benevolent and just monarch.

But many indicate that Agayú is considered as the own Shango who returned from the dead to reign as Orisha of Thunder and Justice.

He is known as Shangó Obakoso, the vigilante, the one who enforces the law.

Obakoso makes his home in La Palma

It is said that Shangó Obakoso is also a guarachero and likes to revel in excess, women and guarapo, so he enjoys life with intensity and indulges in the pleasures of existence.

He is known as the one who has his house in the palm and therefore the tree in the Rule of Ocha (Santeria) It is considered a sacred symbol, as I llé Chango.

This path tells that, from the top of the palm, the Lord of Thunder Shango can protect his children, seeing everything that happens around them and acting accordingly.

Shangó Obakoso is also closely linked to the cult of Eggun, because the spirits are grouped around the palm and there the devotees carry their offerings.

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