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Like the Son of Obatala "in this life we ​​all have a special mission"

Obatala Aguema

The pataki relates that one of the sons of Obatala called Aguema felt disturbed, because he considered that he had no powers to defend himself from his enemies and that his existence in this world was insignificant.

Instead, many of his brothers with their virtues helped humanity and he wanted to do the same.

Since childhood he had always had conflicts with one of the children of Ozai who was like his father a skilled sorcerer, who was also protected by Oyá yansa the deity owner of the eddies and the sparks.

Pataki where the Son of Obatalá wanted to know the purpose of his life

One day Aguema set out in search of her father, whom she asked to reveal his gifts to her so that she could focus on life and fulfill her dream of helping humanity.

At the insistence of his requests Obatalá took him to the foot of Ifá so that orula explain the purpose of its existence.

Upon arriving at Orula's house, Shango He opened the door and went into a rage when he saw Aguema with her father because he did not understand the reason for the visit.

Orumila ushered them in and opened the register. When the fortune teller began to sing, chameleons began to appear everywhere, changing colors, camouflaging themselves from danger, forming a circle around Aguema.

Along with the chameleons, Aguema defends herself against her enemies

Ozain, who was entering the house of the great Ifá fortune-teller at that precise moment, was frightened when he saw that around Aguema the chameleons changed colors.

For what he told his children never to seek fights with the son of Obatala because he used the chameleons as messengers.

Over time Aguema acquired the same ability as chameleons and learned to camouflage himself in the bush when he felt threatened, thus surviving great attacks from his enemies.

In this way, the children of Obatalá and Ozain united, sealing a peace pact, putting an end to the child disputes that preceded them.

Through the word of Ifá, the true path is found!

Since then Aguema has sent the chameleons to help Ozain's children and they return the favor through their gifts and services as experts in medicinal and magical herbs.

Aguema found her purpose on earth and from that day on she never felt sad or dejected again, dedicating herself to doing what she had always wanted, which was to help others.

Legend has it that Aguema sends her chameleons to bless the religious and sometimes alert them to danger.

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