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Obatalá Ayagguna, the Orisha who dominates the knowledge of War

Obatala Ayagguna

Obatalá Ayagguna is a brave warrior, he wears pants and a white shirt which is cut diagonally by a red stripe. This way of Obatala is closely related to the Orisha Shango. 

The first pataki that existed on this saint described him as a warrior who fought relentlessly on the saddle of a horse. It is also known under the names of Afajún, Malé and Aruwó.

Ayagguna is the saint who lit gunpowder and spread the war throughout the world, he was in charge of traveling expanding among the armies the improvement of military tactics.

He is the youngest Obatala that exists on earth, therefore he is also considered the most agile.

Attributes and representations related to the warlike deity

This saint is represented by the colors white and red. His necklace is made with eight white beads and one red which are placed alternately, he lives in a white tureen surrounded by an Iruke of the same color.

To Obatalá Ayagguna The horses, the bullets and other projectiles, the scimitar, the castles, the machetes, the lance, the cane and the arrow are attributed to him, instruments that he requires for his defense.

This saint dances energetically, with his dance he seeks to make himself felt in the crowd. Through his movements he reflects his combat techniques which are intrepid and fast. He is a fighter who remains undefeated, being considered by other Orishas as a constant being in his purposes.

Obatalá Ayagguna is the only left-handed Orisha

Obatalá Ayagguna receives all the offerings with his left hand as he is the only left-handed Orisha belonging to the Yoruba Pantheon. For this reason he salutes offering his left hand.

The prince of Ketu is considered by right of succession

The patakis reveal that Ayagguna is the son of King Oshagriñan, who exercised his dominions over the land of Ketu which makes the deity by right of succession a prince, this saint swore eternal loyalty to this kingdom which he continues to protect against any wrongdoing. .

Addimú to Obatala Ayagguna

Yam balls are the quintessential adimu used to please Obatalá Ayagguna:

To make this adimú, several pieces of yam must be softened inside a pot, once they have reached the softness required to carry out the preparation, they are removed from the heat and with the help of a fork they are crushed until obtaining a solid puree. that no salt is added. 

This one is añacocoa butter and cascarilla, all the ingredients are mixed well, taking care that they are homogeneously integrated.

Subsequently, eight small balls are molded, which are deposited on a white source, to give it the last touch, sprinkle on these cascarilla crushed.

When they are at room temperature they are paid as adimu to the Orisha, the devotee on his knees lights two white candles and invokes it with the help of the Agogó (bell) in this way he presents the offering, thus guaranteeing that the saint receives it with pleasure.

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