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Meet the Male Paths of Obatalá ≫ The Judge of Osha

Obatalá roads

The judge of the Osha Obatala, was represented in the Rule of Santeria through multiple avatars in which he fulfilled various functions imposed by Olodumare.

Some of these paths led the deity to eternal glory while others made him suffer the ills of mankind.

The truth is that Obatalá is a very great saint and loved by the santeros and religious of Cuba, since he is in charge of bringing peace to homes, protects the elderly and the underprivileged and brings comfort in afflictions.

Do you know what the Paths are of Obatalá in which he is represented as a man?

Obatalá and its ways


He is the warrior who rides a steed and brandishes his scimitar in the wind. He is intrepid and brave, he is closely related to Shango, so he wears white wearing a red sash.


Listed as the direct messenger of Olofin, he is the deity in charge of transmitting the messages of the supreme to the other Orishas.

It is syncretized in the Catholic Religion as Christ Crucified.

Asho or Acho:

It is the Obatala that marks the beat of the rhythm, not only of music, dance and movement, as it does it of life itself.

He identifies himself as a holy warrior, although he did not fight on a horse, he did so from the infantry.


It is the Christ crowned with the tiara of thorns of the Yoruba Pantheon, it represents the adversities of destiny and the sacrifices that man goes through to achieve his goals in life, which he affirms that only the one who is patient and perseveres obtains them.


He is the Orisha protector of health and the sick, on whom he influences by bringing relief from their ailments.

This deity exercises patronage over doctors and nurses, whom he guides in the correct making of their decisions. 


Divination by means of premonitions of the future is its distinctive feature. It is linked with the Ceiba, a powerful tree and with the gifts of protection.

Among the traits of this Obatalá, camaraderie and material disinterest stand out.


It is the Orisha that represents the organ of human vision. He has great sympathy for parrot feathers, which are his greatest offering.


It is the materialization of the custody of the White Orisha, he is always close to the father, watching over his movements and covering his back from the enemy's attack.

Obalufun or Obalufon:

In this life Baba represents Jesus of Nazareth, incarnates the Sun astro that burns with the same heat that creates life.

This Orisha is directly related to the development of the timber trade and the birth of the art of carpentry.


The saint protected under a silver chain is Orolu, it is recognized by the use of this metallic material which ensures its receptacle.


This Obatalá lives in the heights, for this reason his tureen must go to the mat for very few and precise reasons, since his iré is in the air. Oque-ilu offers protection to the homeless.


Es the holy guide of students and school subjects, for which offerings related to learning are attributed to him.


It is the only road in Obatalá that is covered with colored scarves on its holidays, this saint immortalizes the calm.


It is Baba's profile that protects the blind and visually impaired.


It is the Orisha who establishes norms between people, represents calm and good manners.

Efun yobi:

It is the representation of Obatala who lives and reigns on the mountain.aña, is one of Baba's paths about which there is less information, it is known that he is a reserved and meticulous saint.

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