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20 Characteristics of Obatalá What we must know about the father Orisha!

Obatala characteristics

Obatalá is a Yoruba deity who is represented by her total purity, balance, impartiality, by moral attitudes, she is fair to her children on earth in all respects.

In the Yoruba religion it is our father, who symbolizes nature in its pure state.

Obatalá presents innumerable characteristics and each one of them highlights its greatness and majesty even more.

How is the deity Obatala defined in the Yoruba Pantheon?

  1. It is represented in nature by the mountainsañas, summits, peaks and everything high that can be visualized.
  2. Its number and brand is 8, 16, 24, that is, multiples of 8.
  3. Obatalá is the son of Olofin and Oloddumare.

He was chosen to create the human body, but he drank so much palm wine that he fell asleep and then it was Oddúa who finished his work.

  1. His name is interpreted as "the king of white robes", "the king of all that is pure" and also "the king of visions".

By separating your name it is spelled like this Oba-tia-la:

  • Oba means the king,
  • aunt would be similar to y
  • the term wing is translated as “of the border or of the white”.

If we are sure of something, it is that Obatalá shines above everything that exists and is very large.

  1. Baba (Father) as the children of this religion of Osha call him - Ifá is the owner and lord of all heads.

He is our judge and he is the one who gives us health and patience, he always leads us towards the paths of peace and tranquility.

  1. Obatalá is the one who controls our minds, feelings, thoughts and also dreams.
  2. In our heads the gray hair denotes its presence.
  3. Wherever Obatalá is, you must take care of your vocabulary, not walk naked, or do things that may offend him, although this applies to all Orishas, ​​since they all deserve our respect.
  4. The basket will always be located in the highest part of it and taking care that it does not give it light, because it does not like it, neither the air nor the serene.
  5. Obatalá is the one who faces the negative of Eshú over all the other Orishas, ​​for being the greatest and representing the greatest authority in the Yoruba Pantheon.
  6. Baba contributes to the fertility of women who cannot conceive, in addition, during the maternity period of women, it helps to form the fetus by being the sculptor god of humanity.
  7. People with disabilities always have the help of the Yoruba God Obatalá.
  8. The stones (otanes) of Obatalá are usually deposited in a white Tureen with all their belongings, that is, their silver tools or similarity, because that is their metal.
  9. Their tools together are:
  • 2 handles,
  • a sun and a moon,
  • a snake,
  • a closed hand where you squeeze a staff or scepter,
  • two ivory eggs.

Everything is covered with cotton, it also has a piece of cocoa butter and cascarilla.

  1. Obatalá is called, and it is invoked through a silver bell or likeness that is called agogó.
  2. It depends on the path of Obatalá, since there are many, some are female and others are male, other tools are put on it.
  3. You must have an iruke at the foot of Obatalá, that is, like a white ponytail held by a handle that is used to remove the bad and clean it at the same time. Baba always carries it in his hand.
  4. He is the owner of the Ceiba, that majestic and sacred tree in Santeria.
  5. It is celebrated on September 24 and has been inherited from its syncretism with the Virgen de las Mercedes.
  6. Animals are sacrificed to Baba such as:
  • The chivas,
  • chickens, and roosters,
  • guineas,
  • pigeons, but always white animals.
  • Also snails and slugs.

Everything you offer to Obatalá should not contain salt or corojo butter.

These and many more are characteristic of Baba, that magnanimous, important and sacred Orisha in our Yoruba religion.

Meet some beautiful offerings to venerate the wise Obatala:

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