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What is the Color that represents Obatala? Its History and Meanings

Obatala Color

It's the bright white, from which the other colors of the spectrum derive, is Obatalá's favorite color, because it symbolizes purity, justice, the purest and most noble that may exist within Yoruba religion.

Its affinity with this tonality is due to the fact that it fundamentally represents light, creation, peace, and also everything that is clean and neat, qualities that Obbatalá appreciates above all else.

Stream Yoruba: Obbatalá and the color white

About this, a pataki or Yoruba legend tells that there was a very prosperous and beautiful town in which Father Orisha decided to live.

But suddenly his habitaBefore they began to burn all the garbage they had, thus creating a smoke, which made Obbatalá decide to leave the town since he hates dirt and bad smells.

When Obbatalá left, all the habitaThe villagers began to complain of a time of scarcity.

Seeing this happening, they decided to go see Orula and ask Ifá what fate held for his life.

The Orisha soothsayer told them that the reason for their misfortunes was that they burned a lot of garbage and they had to make ebbó to bring the people the happiness they had before.

After doing what Orula recommended, it started to rain, which caused all the smoke to go away, turning the roads into beautiful white trails.

That was how Obbatalá returned and saw enchanting how cleanliness and white prevailed everywhere, so he decided to settle again in that place, bringing happiness and prosperity to those lands.

White and its spiritual meanings

It is said that white is not a color but the absence of it, but it is also inclusive, since white light contains all seven colors.

This color, related to the powers of Obbatalá, has immense significance.

For example:

  • The white color is considered the strongest and purest of all, despite not being flashy, attractive or imposing.
  • It is a powerful hue that transforms into a positive influence on people.
  • It allows representing aspects of life that are highly valued in society and culture such as tranquility and calm.
  • It represents unity and peace, which is why it is widely used in acts of reconciliation between individuals or nations, because it transmits favorable attitudes.
  • It also symbolizes acts of truce and conciliation.
  • White is the symbol of peace that is also represented by a white dove. Symbolism that is also represented in the patakies, where Obbatalá maintains a special bond with this bird.

The truth is that those who prefer and appreciate white tend to be sincere, honest, humble people, who always seek the welfare of others.

White transmits feelings of relief, serenity, protection and helps us to relax and seek a neutral state of mind, without any concern, the same feelings that the Orisha father transmits to the religious.

If you want to venerate Father Obatalá with offerings, you should know some:

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