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The son of Obatalá and Yemayá, the story of a mother's pain

Obatalá with Yemayá

Obatala, father of the world, according to many Yoruba legends was married to Yemaya, goddess of the seas and powerful spiritual mother.

Yemayá is the protector of pregnant women and young children, she herself lost a child, a pain that she could never overcome. For this reason she is protective and merciful to men on earth, she carries the life of the world in her womb.

The loss of her son caused her unspeakable harm and she still mourns him desperately.

Patakí de Obatalá, Yemayá and their son

This Pataki tells that the Mother of the World, Yemayá, lived with Obatalá, and became pregnant with her first child. But during the time of pregnancy she suffered some alterations in her health and her baby was in danger.

The day of delivery arrived and when she felt the pain, Yemayá uttered terrifying screams. Obbatalá, who was eating fish, got a thorn in his throat when he heard the intense howls of Yemayá.

His wife suffered a lot and the baby could not get out. So Yemayá began to shake with violent convulsions.

Obbatalá, seeing her life in danger, tried to help her and she was there when the thorn in her throat was unlocked.

Obbatalá took the child Inle to the sea

Hours passed and after many screams, Yemayá was finally able to give birth to her son.

Obbatalá quickly named the little boy Inle and ran out of the house toward the shore. After reaching the limit, he jumped into the sea together with his little one.

Legend has it that there he left the baby to Abita, daughter of Yemayá, who lived apart from the world and picked him up and raised him as if he were her own.

But Yemayá couldn't sit idly by, so she went to the sea to look for her son and stayed there.

It is said that when she remembers the loss of her little son, Inle screams and stirs the sea furiously looking for him, causing the waters to churn everywhere.

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