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Obatalá, the dance of the old father

Obatalá dance

Obatala he is a father, he is old and protective, he is the owner of human intelligence and feelings, he is purity and light, he is the bearer of peace.

Obatalá is the father of all children on earth, he is the creator of human beings, and everything that hasabita in the planet. It governs all parts of the human body, mainly the head, with thoughts and human life.

Its representation is in the white color as a symbol of peace and purity and in white metals, especially silver.

Obbatalá is like a protective father who listens to all his children with patience and love. He is an old man who brings intelligence, peace and calm to the world. And like a wise old man, so is he Obbatalá dance.

Obatalá, the dance of respect and moderation

Obbatalá in nature is symbolized by the mountainsañas and thus possesses strength and endurance. Those characteristics are reflected in the dance of the elder Orisha.

Also, when dance ObatalaHe always dresses in white and to show his warrior ways, he wears a red band on his chest. Also suns and moons are sewn onto her costume and she has 8 scarves around her waist. His step is calm, full of wisdom, he walks as if giving advice while doing it.

El Obatala dance It goes according to its path and bends over the weight of the years and the accumulated experience.

To honor him, the dancers imitate the smooth, bent movements of a very old person. Also, in the Obbatalá dance, his warrior ways indicate that he must go brandishing his sword. He also speaks very quietly and makes predictions, cleaning those present with the Iruke (mule or cow tail).

Afro-Cuban dance, devotion to the father of all

Afro-Cuban Dances also represent the natural forces of each Orisha and their qualities.

Therefore, the Obatala dance represents harmony, respect and peace in the Yoruba pantheon, always full of white.

The dancer can be a man or a woman, and in the case of a man he can be young or old.

For Obatala danceThe male dancer is the warrior with his sword, while the woman exalts the peace, humility and wisdom of our beautiful father Orisha.

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