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The path of Obatalá Elefuro: The Queen of Oil that shines with her Peace

Obatala Elefuro

Obatala He is considered the Father of the World and one of the most important Orishas, ​​since he represents the same Olodumare on earth. He is also the sculptor of the human body, although the life and intelligence of man come directly from the greater God.

The deity Obbatalá judges men in this world and tests them delicately. He owns whiteness and clarity, representative of purity.

As a creator, he is the ruler of all parts of the human body, mainly the head, thoughts and human life.

It represents the creation that is not necessarily immaculate; the magnanimous and superior, also pride, anger, despotism and people with physical and mental defects or difficulties.

Obatalá owns Male and female paths:

Obatalá has avatars or "paths", male and female, which represent his various characteristics as creator of human beings, warrior and wise old man.

Obatala Elefuro, is a female Obatalá, considered queen of Ifé, which is also called "the queen of oil" or Imolé. She is an Obatalá of immaculate and very pure existence.

In the land, Aará is called Oñoro, she is the protector of oil and lives behind a curtain. Thanks to her, the lamps shine and scare the darkness of the night.

Syncretism with the Virgen del Carmen:

Elefuro is syncretized in the Afro-Cuban religion with the Virgen del Carmen, the day of celebration of both deities is July 16.

Both the Virgin and the Orisha have the mission of bringing peace to the earth and doing good among men.

Obatalá Elefuro, the symbols sacred that represent it

The otás (stones) of Obatalá Elefuro are separated and placed outside the tureen in a ball cup.

Cotton is placed inside the tureen and on top of it, a circle of lead with the ayé, the tools, a hand of snails, a long nose, 2 moñingas, a silver comb and a saber.

Outside he carries a doll where he loads Ossain and a cane with three curves. Also the devotees put ice baskets with needles and an egg with a spinning wheel.

She must always be illuminated with oil lamps, which is her representative element. Her addimú (her offering) is placed in a basket that always accompanies her.añara and eat 8 eyelé.

In the Yoruba religion, she must be sung from afar and she wears a güirito, loaded with her secrets, which symbolizes Ojwi Yomi, a 16-year-old virgin sentinel who watches over the Queen of Oil's sleep.

Other powerful roads of Obatalá:

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