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Pride causes bad decisions to be made that lead to misfortune

Obatala in Ogbe Ojuani

It happened on one occasion that the scorpion roamed the earth being abused by other animals without having means with which to defend itself.

For this reason he visited one day Obatala the holy owner of intelligence, who endowed him with a stinger and tweezers so that he could defend himself against his enemies.

Warning him that he should not abuse his new weapons, because in this way pride would win him over and he would lose everything he had obtained.

Pataki where the scorpion ignored the words of Obatalá and sinned arrogantly

The scorpion who was thirsty for revenge ignored Obatalá's advice and on his way home he bit all the animals that he encountered along the way.

The power of its sting was so strong that inflicting pain on others came to please him.

The affected animals took refuge in their houses, as they feared the scorpion, they avoided going out so as not to have to find it.

So gradually the scorpion became the owner of the town, reaching such an extreme that it was the only animal that roamed freely through its streets.

Due to the uproar caused by the scorpion in the town, the news of its evils had reached Obatala's ears.

The scorpion was defeated by its own behavior

This saint advised the animals to try to reach a fair agreement that would benefit everyone and in this way all the debts of the past would be settled.

These, following the Orisha's advice, went to visit the scorpion to reach a peace agreement, a finding that he rejected outright, warning that he would continue to put his new lifestyle into practice.

The animals, realizing that the situation was not going to improve, decided to make a candle fence around the scorpion's house.

This, noticing what happened and seeing that they had defeated him, decided to stick his own sting and thus end his own existence.

Teaching of this pataki by Ogbe Ojuani for the religious:

That odun-born pataki Ogbe Ojuani warns the religious about the abuse of power, not only if he occupies a position of leader also in the home.

It is recommended to moderate the character because anger and pride can lead the person to make dire decisions for life.

This letter describes an individual feared for his way of being and power, so his adversaries will never make the decision to face him alone.

It is an odun that speaks of betrayal and revenge.

More about the Orisha Father of all, Obatalá:

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