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In Ogbe Otura Obatalá blessed the Yagruma Doing Ebbó you win!

Obatala in Ogbe Otura

In the warlike territory of Africa, a revolt had begun to arise in secret in which the head of Obatala, who was the ruler of that area.

The king, aware of the rumors in which his life was compromised, went to visit Orunmila, the great fortune teller of Ifá so that he could help him find a solution that would protect his life and his crown from the enemy's hands.

Pataki where Obatalá feared for his crown and is saved thanks to the word of Ifá

Orunmila then threw his ékuele on the board leaving the Yoruba king the letter Ogbe Otura, sign warning of impending danger of betrayals and envy.

To get rid of the aforementioned osogbos, Obatalá had to perform an ebbó where the presence of a sample of his used clothing and shoes was required for his execution.

Garments that he had to bury in the forest at the foot of a Yagruma (kind of tree) once they were enchanted.

When Obatalá arrived with the ebbó at the foot of the Yagruma, the sentinel spirit of Orunmila was waiting for him, taking him to the top of the plant where the well-hydrated green leaves could be seen.

The king asked why he had placed it there and it showed him the arrival of his enemies among the trees.

When they were at the foot of the Yagruma, they asked the spirit if he had seen Obatala, to which he replied that he did not know.

Obatala gave the tree his blessing in secret.

The next day when the sentinel spirit of Orunmila looked at the Yagruma again, he realized that its blades were no longer so bright on one side and instead had taken on a pearly and opaque appearance.

Fact that remarkably astonished him, so he went to where the king was to get some explanation about it.

Obatalá manifested to the spirit that:

  • This was a blessing he had bestowed on the tree for his services, but in order for it to remain powerful he had to keep the event a secret.

As the months passed, the spirit unwittingly commented on what happened about the Yagruma to an entity possessing the same powers, who was in charge of spreading what happened without measuring the consequences of his words.

Fact that made her lose her power and credibility before the Yoruba world, thus banishing her to suffer rejection and oblivion due to the grievances caused by his failure towards the secrets of the religious world.

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