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Chronicle 8: Keep a pure heart and Obatalá will guide your head

Obatala will guide your head

«If you maintain purity in your heart, Obbatalá will guide your head and bless you. «

When Esteban arrived in the capital, he only had a change of clothes in his backpack, a few bills and his old guitar on his back, yes, all the trust in the world placed in his talent and, above all, the blessing of the patron saint purest among all the Orishas: Obbatalá.

A few steps from the recording studios, he asked himself:

__ And how did I get here? __, the answer immediately took him to his distant and rustic batey "Cerro Muerto", where he had left a mother as full of pride as wrinkles on the skin, and a faithful girlfriend, willing to wait for him all the time in the world, until that his dream as an artist was a reality.

"Artist", that word sounded strange and extremely great to him, especially for a simple pig farmer like him, who at night dedicated himself to playing tunes on his old guitar for pure pleasure and nothing more, until that day when the The son of the boss of the meat factory made him a strange proposal:

__ «I buy you a song for my girlfriend.»__

And since a poor man never despises a few extra pesos, Esteban went there, to the balcony of the aforementioned. The song sang and the girl was pleased, as were the guests at the evening, who asked her to continue singing. In total there were five songs and a little more money in the pocket of the young man, who went home without knowing that those melodies had been recorded on the cell phone of a visitor with pleasure and skill to sniff out the talent.

Life in the batey continued without sorrows or glories, as did Esteban's routine between the smell of pork and fixed poverty, nothing seemed to change, but fate had a surprise in store for him:

__ For me? __, he couldn't believe it, that stranger was in front of his door with a wad of bills and an incredible proposal:

__ You will not regret it. __, were the last words of the stranger, leaving Esteban with a bittersweet sensation, on the one hand, he had in his hands the ticket to a better future, on the other, the uncertainty of leaving an old mother and a perfect girlfriend alone, and Although both gave her the go-ahead, she needed one last push:

__ What do I do godfather? __, asked his spiritual guide and old friend, a wise man full of good advice, capable of convincing the most indecisive of mortals. With respect, Esteban followed the religious ceremony, listened to the translation of the snails lying on the ground and the indications dictated by the Orisha invoked.

__ Go to the mountainaña and pay your respects to Obbatalá. __

He placed a silver bracelet on his right wrist and gave it his blessing. Without wasting time, Esteban left. Although it was indeed a hill, everyone in the batey saw it as a hill.aña, because it represented the greatest thing they had. Alone, among the vegetation and rural sounds, he swore an oath to Obbatalá and returned to his two loved ones. Since he did not need so much, he left them almost all the money, tenderly and painfully kissed both women and began the journey.

__ "You are my greatest inspiration."__, was the last memory before being interrupted by a familiar voice that made him return to the present.

__ Ready to conquer fame? __, the now nothing strange music producer told him, thus began the transformation process.

The first thing was the name, it would no longer be Esteban, but "Steve Melody", then the hairstyle, eyebrow grooming, special diet and exercises in a first-class gym, all this at the same time as the recording of the first single backed by a attractive and pompous video clip. In two weeks the entire country, and beyond the borders too, only had eyes and likes for Steve Melody, the demand was such that the first international tour was immediately organized.

__ And my family? __, there was no time for visits, a transfer with a lot of money and many virtual kisses.

What should have lasted fifteen days extended to three months abroad, but back the pressure did not abate. __ "It's a special appearance for a movie..." __. Again the suitcases and to get on a plane, of course, another tour with much more money and many virtual kisses.

For those who are surprised by fame and do not know how to control it, it is worse than a contagious and sick virus. For Esteban, sorry, fame began to take its toll on Steve Melody, at first he didn't want to, but it looked ugly not accepting a drink at a reception in his name, with the drinks came smiles, hugs, caresses, insinuations and other dark temptations.

When Steve Melody's first phonogram reached a gold record, the once innocent and noble boy from Cerro Muerto had tried every drug there was, accompanied byañaday of as many girls as he could drink, indiscreet cameras, paparazzi twenty-four hours a day, scandals with other celebrities, it was vice dominating his head with no space for memory, not even the memory of two simple souls who were waiting for him instead of the bulging turns without human heat.

Oblivion took hold of the now famous artist to the point that, when he was offered to exchange his silver bracelet for a whole set of golden jewels, he didn't even think twice, he threw the silver bracelet in a drawer and began to show off his new look.

Perhaps so many chemical substances numbed his senses, the truth is that he did not notice the warning signs brought by the wind, like voice whispers signaling his absence.

__ What do I care, I'm famous.__, was the only consistent expression in her brain, but since everything has a climax, hers came like a devastating tornado. Caught with a minor, full of illegal drugs in the habitadrugged and resisting arrest, he ended up in jail with a bang. Things got worse, because the parents of the minor filed charges for rape, and although he was famous, the money of the aggrieved family had more power, in the blink of an eye, fate sentenced the life of Steve Melody, who returned to his country handcuffed and put behind bars.

No one offered to help him, the likes ended, the concerts ended, the good life dissipated like that whispering wind that warned him so much to straighten his path. Only the old and embarrassed mother, and the sad and faithful girlfriend, went to visit him.

__ It was among your belongings…__, said the beautiful young woman, extending the silver bracelet, __... if you want to be the same as before, start by putting it on. __

The humiliation spilled out of her in a sea of ​​tears, all the words erased from her mind, with only room for one: "Sorry". In the solitude of the cell, she remembered the godfather's words and his commitment to the protective Orisha.

__ Obbatalá, please forgive your son, help me to recover my purity. __

A sentence was given, it was minor, but it would serve to clean the dirt on his soul. During all that time in prison he dedicated himself to studying, learned to write in the language of music, also good literature, and above all, to meditate.

When the time was up, his two loves were waiting for him outside, who with joy and kindness opened their arms to him.

__ Let's go home... to start over. __, she told them showing the silver bracelet on her wrist.

Time passed, and in the Cerro Muerto batey, life followed the same routine as always, also for Esteban, although not so much like that, it is true that he continued to live in the same house with his even older mother, but he no longer had a girlfriend. , he had exchanged her for a wife, the same beautiful and faithful young woman, mother of his two children, to whom he dedicates almost all his songs, which he himself records, uploads and shares for free on the Internet, for whoever wants to listen to them.

And when ever someone recognizes him and asks: __ Hey, don't you want to be Steve Melody again? __, he strokes the silver bracelet on his right wrist, looks up at the mountainaña, which is actually a hill, takes a deep breath receiving the caress of a whispering wind, and resolutely answers:

__ Never more. __, then he retires to raise his pigs and take care of the family, knowing that he is protected by his patron Orisha, always remembering that old proverb:

"Obbatalá does not admit disrespect, because he is the king of purity."

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