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Obatalá covers the world with your Ifokanbale! 2 Advice to your children

Obatala children

Obatalá is in my opinion a very great Orisha, there is no secret that he does not know or sorrow that goes unnoticed before his eyes.

Among his virtues are intelligence and patience, gifts with which he has tried to reward humanity since the beginning of time.

But despite their wishes, some men are reluctant to put intelligence over strength, they unleash anger without thinking and therefore live in osogbo.

What does Ifokanbale mean?

Obatalá was the trustworthy Orisha of Olofin, to whom the supreme gave him the important task of intervening in the creation of humanity, offering each being a certain percentage of intelligence, that is why it is said that Baba is the owner of all heads, being:

  • The connoisseur of thought and the deepest secrets of man.

In these times where hard trials and convulsive days are lived, it is necessary for Obatalá to cover the world with his mantle, endowing it with his Ifokanbale, Yoruba term meaning tranquility.

Tranquility is precisely one of the main prayers that is made to this saint, because when man loses his head, his life becomes hostile and aimless.

Two tips for the children of Obatalá in the Osha

1. The children of Baba their own head can sink or save

Some children of Obatalá lose their minds for being disobedient, when they dare to violate the warnings of the saint, mainly to get away from vices and excesses, then diseases and embarrassments are unleashed on them.

It is valid to clarify that the loss of the head not only happens due to illness, but also due to substance abuse such as alcohol and narcotics.

When the descendants of Obatalá are disciplined, they come to live many years on the earth plane, the children of Baba their own head can sink or save them.

2. Calm has to be the flag of the children of Obatalá

That Baba provides tranquility is a huge blessing, mainly for all his children, who need this virtue, as much as water is required to live.

When a son of Baba loses his head he falls into osogbo, that is why the Orisha advises never to lose your temper regardless of the magnitude of the problems you are experiencing and never allow the enemy to disturb your peace.

Calm has to be the flag of the children of Obatalá, who must learn to live under the motto: Humility and patience, every day of this world.

Well, impulsiveness, despair and arrogance are the three osogbos for which these religious are lost.

We share some rituals dedicated to Obatalá:

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