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Obatalá Obamoro ≫ The merciful Orisha who never discriminates

Obatala Obamoro

Obbamoro is represented through an old man, his white hair is the symbol of the great wisdom that his thoughts house and the vast experience that he possesses thanks to his years.

This Orisha dictates his teachings through humility and patience doctrine, a motto that he instills in his children with the aim of making them better human beings.

abipa y Thu Ate are two of the names under which also identifies Obatala Obamoro.

To transmit his messages he relies on the skill of his five messengers: the albinos, the lepers, the crippled and the dwarfs to name a few of them.

This deity does not establish distinctions between his protégésNor does he discriminate against human beings based on their physical appearance, since he knows the pain that some suffer due to their phenotypic characteristics and is capable of appreciating their intelligence and the greatness of their hearts.

It is logical to infer that Obbamoro is the Orisha protector of disabled human beings.

What are the attributes of the Orisha Jue Ate?

This deity habita in a white receptacle, which is guarded by five wooden dolls, which represent their messengers.

Obatalá Obamoro necklace

Your eleke or necklace The foundation is made with ivory beads, each 8 pearly beads is placed with a purple bead.

Among his attributes (tools he uses to fight and win battles against enemies) are:

  • The machetes, a crown, two spears and a ladder.

The crown of thorns and its meaning through Abipa.

Attributes Obatalá obamoro

This Orisha is represented by the crown of thorns which was awarded to Jesus Christ at the time of his crucifixion.

Element through which pain and suffering are represented that a father suffers for his children and the sacrifices that he is often willing to make for them to get ahead.

The crown of thorns it also symbolizes the obstacles that are needed to grow in the face of difficulties and mature in life.

Do you know Obbamoro's prohibitions for his children?

It is taboo for the children of Obbamoro beg your head with juicy fruits, in its place they should use dry fruits, because in this variety it is that their descendants will find the ireses they need to advance in life.

It is valid to mention that this Orisha considers the abuse of power a serious contempt on the helpless, an act on which he applies severe legs.

Your children are strictly prohibited To wear black clothes, it is considered a great fault in Abipa's house to deny food to the hungry.

Other paths of the Orisha Obatalá:

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