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With Obatalá a powerful ritual for the Iré and the good to come to your home

Obatala ritual

A Obatala the owner of our heads we dedicate this powerful ritual, deity that is always represented by the mountainsañaIt's because it is your home, and it symbolizes purity, tranquility and peace.

Obbatalá is a righteous father in the Yoruba pantheon, he defends and saves all his children, but if he gets angry and turns his back on someone, that person will only have salvation through Orunmila, the fortune teller of Ifá.

That is why it is important to give him a lot of respect and venerate him.

This work is to make a powder (afoché) so that luck and prosperity visit your home

White Wonder Flower

This is a simple work, but always remember faith, the one that moves mountainsañasy is so important, especially if we want to attract all the good, I will go (positive energy), keeping the bad out of the way.

In this ritual we will work with the seed of the Maravilla plant, but in this case the white one.

The wonder plant (Mirabilia jalapa.Lin.) In the Yoruba religion it belongs to the Obbatalá orishas and the death warriors Oyá y Yewa.

We will also use two more plants, equally powerful that will help us open paths.


  • 8 or 24 White Wonder Seeds
  • 1 Cotton plant leaf
  • Cascarilla
  • Cocoa butter
  • White handkerchief
  • Leaf of the Immortelle or Prodigious plant
  • 2 candles

How do we do this ritual with Baba Obatala?

  1. First you take the 8 or 24 white wonder seeds and roast them, then you powder them.
  2. The powder of the seeds of Wonder is deposited on that leaf of the cotton plant and you throw on it cascarilla and cocoa butter and cover it with the white handkerchief.
  3. You light the candles at the foot of Obbatalá, ask for his blessing and give him knowledge of what you will put and your purpose, which is:

Blow that afoché at the front door of your house so that development, health and luck enter your home.

  1. You put all that inside your Baba Obbatalá tureen, on top of its stones.
  2. On top of the white handkerchief you put a Prodigious or Always Alive sheet.
  3. Then you take that dust out and blow it on the front door of the entrance to your house, asking for everything good for your life and loved ones.

The work will be at the foot of Baba Obbatalá for a period of 8 days and every day you must light the candles for a while to the orisha and make your prayer, that is, pray and ask the white father for everything that is good.

May Obbatalá's blessing always protect and protect you! Blessings for you.

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