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Spiritual Work to the «Virgen de las Mercedes» for health and evolution

Obatala virgin of the Mercedes

Known and revered by all, the Virgin of the Mercedes, brings us peace, health, tranquility that we need so much and in these times we must pray much more so that through his intercession he offers protection to us and our family.

A beautiful ritual dedicated to the Virgencita de la Mercedes and Obatalá

Work to Obatalá virgen de las Mercedes

It is a very simple but effective work for the Virgencita de las Mercedes, a pure and immaculate virgin who is venerated for her patience, for her miracles and for interceding when we need her most.

I always send this work to my mother because it is very spiritual and brings her much more than health, she always says that it protects her and keeps her away from everything bad.

Our spiritism is crossed so, if you have at Orisha Obbatala, the king of peace and health, you can also do this cleansing at the foot of Baba.

Ingredients we need:

  • Bread
  • White plate
  • Cocoa butter
  • Cascarilla
  • White flowers and vase
  • 1 candle or two if it is for Babá Obbatalá

If you do not have cascarilla at home you can make it homemade with few ingredients: Learn how to do the cascarilla step by step: CLICK HERE

Let us prepare step by step and with great faith this spiritual work:

  1. With your hands and without using any tool, cut the bread into 8 pieces, the size you want, and put them on the white plate.
  2. You spread cocoa butter on those pieces of bread.
  3. Then you put cascarilla powder into the palm of your hand and blow a little out of your hand onto the bread.
  4. You put your white flowers in a vase and you also blow cascarilla in the same way explained above.
  5. Choose some fresh, beautiful flowers that are not battered or withered, remember that it is a gift, an offering to the deity.
  6. Then you put the plate with the work and the flowers in front of the Virgen de las Mercedes, always on high. You can use a stamp or image of it.

We can invoke the Virgin through this prayer:

What do we do with the offering when the 8 days have passed?

You will have this offering for a period of 8 days, on the eighth day you cleanse yourself with those 8 pieces of loaves, from head to toe.

Then you can deposit your cleaning on a brown paper or white cloth and take it to a leafy tree or at the foot of a hill, which is whereabita Father Obatala

If you can't, then throw it away in the trash at home, but not inside, but outside, so that everything you have collected and the negative energies stay outside.

If you do it in the name of the orisha Obbatala, remember to take your 8 cents right wherever you take the work.

Do not forget to thank for their infinite blessings and ask for a lot of health above all things, because without health what are we? Unfortunately without it we have nothing.

May the protection and protection of the virgin and the orisha Obatalá, and her powerful mantle take care of him and protect him from all evil.

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