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Obatalá breaks his promise and Eleguá is imprisoned - 【Pataki】

Obatalá and Eleguá

ObatalaA patient father to Orishas and men, he has always been praised for his sense of justice and his way of finding solutions to his children's problems. He is one of the Orishas most respected for his wisdom, antiquity, and power.

Meanwhile, Eleggua He is the one who has the power over fortune, the wise man who opens the roads and the imperious warrior. But he is also the mischievous and partying Orisha, who can change fortunes at will.

In his hands he possesses the happiness and misfortune of men, decides on their destiny and helps them fulfill the mission of each one of them on earth.

Let's see now, a patakí that enhances some of the characteristics of these two powerful Orishas.

Patakí from Obatalá and Eleguá

How much this patakí that Elegguá lived on earth, who adored parties and the touches of drums, dances and drinks.

But Elegguá was sad because he knew that in the house of Shango, the owner of the dance and the drum, there would be a drum party on Sunday and he couldn't attend because he had no money.

Elegguá was thus immersed in his thoughts when the wise father Obatalá passed by and, seeing him so sad, asked him the reason for his long face.

Eleguá told him the reason for his sadness and Obatalá then told him that he would lend him the three pesos so that he could participate in Shango's party, but that he should return it to him by working at home as of Monday.

The orisha was very happy because he could participate in Shango's party and celebrate until he could no more as he loved.

So he quietly began to work on Monday at Obatalá's house. However, weeks and then months after months and Obbatalá would not let him go and never tell him when he would finish paying the debt.

The consultation with Orula and the freedom of Eleguá

One day Obbatalá fell ill and none of the remedies he tried alleviated that condition. Then he called orula, the soothsayer and counselor who transmitted the message of the Gods, to find out what the problem was.

Orula after consulting revealed that the cause of his illness was that someone was imprisoned in his house.

Obbatalá thought for a while and remembered what had happened with Elegguá. So he quickly sent for him and gave him three pesos and told him that there was a güemilere (party) at Shangó's house in which he should participate.

“You can stay over there; you already paid me in spades. But come see me from time to time "the old Orisha asked Elegguá.

This patakí reminds us of the value of freedom and the need to always keep a promise.

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