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Do you know why pigeons have red legs? History of Obatalá

Obatala and the pigeons

The pataki relates that on a certain occasion Obatala held a meeting in his home that no guest wanted to attend, as it was speculated that there was blood on the door of the white Orisha's house,

Some said that Obatala was sacrificing animals, others speculated that he had gone mad, while the most crazier accused him of being a murderer.

Pataki where pigeons defend father Obatalá from his enemies

Pataki de Obatalá and the pigeons

As a result of this rumors began to arise about the protective deity of intelligence.

Then in the midst of all the commotion the dove intervened saying that she would attend Obatala's house, because he was her friend and she trusted her innocence.

When the pigeon was going to take flight, the men tried to catch it, but it was too late because it was firm in its decision, it would go to Obatala's house and in this way it would clear its good name.

Upon arriving at Obatalá's house, she stained her legs with blood, but she did not waver in her decree, nor did she doubt her friend.

The dove was undaunted and told his comrade that he was being spoken against in the village because of the blood issue on his door.

Olofi gives pigeons the virtue of having red legs

To which the Orisha replied that that blood was found there, a product of ebbo that Orumila the great fortune teller of Ifá He had instructed him to do to unmask his enemies, work that had apparently yielded great results.

Olofin, who had learned of the brave attitude of the dove, summoned her to his kingdom, informing her that she had proven to be a great friend of Obatala defending him before all the people and that therefore he would reward her with the virtue of possessing red legs to that in this way it could be differentiated from other birds.

Teaching of this pataki from OGBE BARA for religious:

This pataki warns the religious about the stalking of false friends and people who comment behind his back, slandering him and making him look bad.

It is recommended to preserve true friendships and to discard those who treat the individual only for interest.

By this Ifá it is described that the person is watched by the enemies who try to stain their good name, so the individual should not trust anyone or share secrets.

It is a letter that warns the religious that he should not clear up gossip because this will bring him new enemies and delay in his life.

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