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Who gave the first breath of life to men? ≫ Pataki from Obatalá

Obatalá and Olofin

Constitution is the deity who has power over the orishas and is the head of things that are directly related to Olodumare on earth.

He is the venerated wise father and to perform any act, the orishas are required to have his approval.

It is closely related to Olodumare who is the creator God, the source of all that exists, and to Obbatalá, the first Orisha, who was entrusted with the creation of the world.

Olofin is a name attributed to Olodumare himself, it represents the expression of divinity and different aspects of the Supreme Being on Earth.

Olofin is the manifestation in the Land of the Deity, the one who speaks in his name, grants and agrees.

Pataki: Olofi, Obatala and the creation of life

This pataki tells that ObatalaAfter the creation of the world was completed, he took on the task entrusted to him by Olofin and began to mold the bodies of men in clay.

When that task was finished, the Supreme Creator would infuse the statues with the breath of life for humanity to take place.

But not satisfied with what was happening, Obbatalá wanted to find out why he could not be the one who completed the work and breathed life into the men who would populate the earth.

Obatala spies on Olofiny is discovered

So it occurred to Obbatalá that he could spy on Olofin to find out what he should do to make those bodies of clay statues come to life and thereby increase his own powers.

With his plan conceived, that night Obatala instead of going to sleep, he hid in a corner of his workshop waiting for the Creator to come to give life to the statues.

But Olofin, who sees everything and possesses the powers of God, knew of the stratagem that Obatala had devised and saw him in a corner of the room spying.

There he sent him such a deep sleep that Obbatalá found out absolutely nothing of what happened.

to the mañaThe next, when Obatalá woke up, he saw that all men had life and understood that he could not know everything and that there were matters that were not his responsibility.

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