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The story of Obatalá and Oshún, a love of father and daughter

Obatalá and Oshún

El Orisha Obatala He is one of the seven major and main Orishas of the Yoruba religion, a deity who was born as an incarnation of the supreme gods Olofín and Oloddumare.

And since his first assignment was to create the Earth, he is considered the father of all children, the creator of human beings and everything that hasabita in the planet.

He governs all parts of the human body, mainly the head and thoughts and prefers everything clean, white and pure. That is why purity is his main quality and what he most appreciates, for which he must be shown the greatest respect.

Obatalá is seen as a patient and magnanimous father, who brings intelligence, peace and calm to the world.

Oshun for her part, she is the joy of life and beauty and according to Yoruba legends, she is the daughter of Obatala.

The goddess of Love and Rivers represents the intensity of feelings and spirituality, human sensuality, love and femininity. He adores rivers, as they are their representation in nature and protect pregnant women from all evil.

These two Orishas have always been represented in close bond of father and daughter. Let's now look at a pataki that represents the closeness and love between Oshún and Obatalá.

Patakí de Oshún, Obatalá and the song that unites them

This pataki says that Obatalá enjoyed singing to his daughter Oshún, especially a particular song that the little girl liked very much: "Sawani Ibo Eleri, Leriche Oka Di Pola"

It was said that every time Oshún listened to the song, he shone with joy and enthusiasm, so Obatalá sang it to him daily.

But one day Oshún left home and never returned, leaving his father completely dejected. They say that Obatalá walked a lot looking for her, and in all the places he asked if anyone had seen his daughter Oshún.

The song of Father Obatalá

One day while looking for Oshún in the forest, Obatalá sat hopelessly on a stone and there he listened to the song that he sang to Oshún as a child. Overjoyed, he walked to where the voice was loudest.

Thus he crossed numerous plants and a mighty river until he reached the other shore and saw a beautiful young woman playing with the water and singing the song that he remembered perfectly with great joy.

So Obatalá approached her and asked who had taught her that beautiful song, to which the young woman replied that as a child her father always sang that song to her, every day, every night. And he had only heard that song from his father and no one else.

Obatalá, knowing that no one else knew the song, asked him to sing it again, and the young Oshún began to sing it.

Obatalá joined him and they both cried with joy and sang loudly.

Oshún understood that Obatalá was his father, and so he embraced him and with him he left and they were never separated again.

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