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Why did Baba Obatala want to end the world and his children?

Obatala and his children

Obatala was one of the Orishas in charge of the creation of the world and human beings, this was the saint whom Olodumare He entrusted him with the administration of intelligence and subsequently made him its executor and distributor.

As life developed on earth, men began to get out of their customs and decided to take the wrong paths, paths of destiny that were not approved by Obatala.

Pataki: Obatalá entrusts death with the end of his children

Baba, annoyed by the attitude of human beings, decided to ask Ikú (death) to put an end to the lineage of man so that a new era of peace would emerge and start the cycle of life from scratch, where in the formation of man would not allow the presence of errors, avoiding making them weak to sins and negative influences both moral and material.

When carrying out this assignment to death, the wise Obatalá did not contemplate the possibility that his children would be devastated by the guadaña of Iku.

This fact created in the white Orisha great disgust and shock, repentance being the first thought that surfaced in Baba's mind.

Orula marks "ebbo" to Obatalá

After the arrival of death at the house of the descendants of the holy owner of all heads, Obatalá was forced to go to the house of Orunmila the great fortune teller so that this with the help of Ifá propitiate a solution to him to solve the dilemma that tormented him.

The Oracle marked him the realization of an ebbó that would include his person and all his descendants, which consisted of performing baths with sacred herbs and other ceremonies.

Be careful what you wish for!

After having completely performed the ebbó, Obatalá hid his children from Ikú's sight, right in the trunk of the tree from which the herb had been obtained to perform the ceremony.

There they remained invisible to its influence, being able with this act to save their lives and their own existence. In this way all men and women were saved from misfortune Omo Obatala.

The deity was able to understand the seriousness of his actions leaving the teaching for posterity to be careful with what you want.

Sometimes wishes have fatal consequences, which could involve the person who caused them in the short or long term.

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