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What does Obba represent in Santeria? Characteristics of the Yoruba goddess

Obba in Santeria

Obba, is an Orisha which many call and ask for her favor in Santeria, especially when solving problems associated with love as a couple and even filial love.

She is a warrior who supports her children and devotees and protects them from any danger or difficulty.

5 Qualities that define Obba in the Yoruba Pantheon

  1. It is Obba who represents repressed love and sacrifice for the being that one loves, suffering and conjugal fidelity.
  2. This deity is related to feelings and marital happiness.
  3. The goddess is also related to lakes and ponds, her natural temple and her strength. 
  4. Together with Oyá and Yewá habita in cemeteries and constitutes the trilogy of the dying goddesses, charged with guiding the spirits of the dead.
  5. Obba guards the tombs in Yoruba religiosity.

Obba Naní, the warrior who loved and sacrificed himself for Shango

Its name comes from the Yorùbá Òbbá (Òbè: soup - Obá: king), literally «The one with the king's soup».

And there is a popular Yoruba patakí that highlights the immense sacrifice that this warrior Orisha made, when she cut off an ear to feed it to her husband, Shango.

But he betrayed her and was ashamed of her.

Obba out of shame, ran to his father Obbatalá, and it is said that he cried so much that he created rivers and lagoons with his tears.

Her father, seeing her so distressed, granted her permission to go live with the dead, where no one would see her or bother her again.

For this reason, Obba is considered a powerful Orisha, capable of everything to protect her loved ones.

Beautiful, feared, energetic, she is considered stronger than many male Orishas.

Attentions and prayers to the queen of sacrifice

To ask Obba for his favor, we must always remember to pray to him with great faith and above all respect.

We can invoke it in a quiet place in the home or nature, for example, on an altar decorated in pink and that includes some offerings or attributes that represent it.

Some elements that define this deity:

  • A wooden anvil,
  • weapons like a dagger or sword,
  • a hand of snails,
  • mask, rudder or cogwheel, book, armor, twisted handles,
  • one element that defines it is the copper ear, among others.

We can also pray to her in the cemetery, in the mountains or in the lakes, her temple, so that she listens to us and gives us her help.

In the Rule of Osha or Santeria, this Orisha is offered food, animals and plants such as coast hazel, mahogany, mahogany, chestnut and plum, as well as animals such as pigeon, chicken and goat.

Obba syncretism in Santeria

Let us also know that as part of the transculturation of African and Cuban roots, each Orisha adopted the name of a Catholic saint.

And Obba syncretizes in Santeria with: Santa Rita de Casia, Santa Catalina de Siena and Santa Catalina de Alejandría, so their cults often come together.

Beautiful prayer that we can dedicate to Obba to invoke her:

Obà Lady of the stormy waters, help me to overcome obstacles in my life, give me health, love, and much humility and wisdom.

Drive away my enemies, evil, disease and all those who wish evil in my ways.

Powerful Orisha who governs love, protects my love life and always brings understanding to my relationship.

Mighty warrior, give me courage and strength to face daily challenges and remain serene with everyone who crosses my path.

My dear Mother Obá, pour your blessing on us bringing harmony, balance and concentration.

Mother Obá, may your Light illuminate our paths in the search for knowledge and harmony, bringing solutions to our problems and peace in our hearts.

So be it! And so it will be! Powerful Obba.

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