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How to help a stubborn human being? I pray to drive away evil


The human being is surrounded by an astral energy called auraOn certain occasions, certain entities of evil and bad energies in general penetrate this barrier, harming the person in question.

With this action they distort the person's plans and induce them to make mistakes that could have a high negative impact on their life, without many times not even being aware of this.

That is why we must pay attention to what happens to us and know when we are going through a bad streak or when this is already getting out of hand.

When a man is obstinate, it is necessary to try to remove from his life that bad influence that prevents him from continuing with the normal course of his existence.

To eradicate evil, it is first necessary to be able to detect it

A great example of this is:

  • The arrival of the delay at the person's destination without a rational explanation,
  • the continued bad luck and
  • the state of confusion that makes you feel that something is not right.   

How to ward off these disturbances?

Averting these disturbances can be achieved through prayers, polishing and purification baths, but in some cases the intervention of more powerful ceremonies is necessary to be able to counteract the evil forces that are executed by spiritualists.

Among these we find the offal with strong herbs and the recollections and in other circumstances, you can request the help of orunmila to develop similar rituals, named paraldos, by the hand of an Ifá priest.

Prayer to relieve the stubborn

Lord, support us in our weakness, inspired by the voice of our guardian angels and good spirits, the will to correct us from our imperfections, in order to close the access to our souls from impure spirits.

Evil is not your doing, Lord, because the origin of all good, nothing bad can engender, we ourselves are the ones who create it, breaking your laws and for the misuse we make of the freedom you have given us.

When men observe your laws, evil will disappear from the earth as it has disappeared from the most advanced worlds.

Evil is not a fatal necessity for anyone and only seems irresistible to those who indulge in it with complacency.

If we have the will to do it, we can also have the will to do good, therefore, my God, we ask for your assistance and that of good spirits to resist temptation.

Rituals and Prayers that help us ward off evil:

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