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Did you know that through Obi the word of the Orishas was unified?

Under the reign of Olodumare, each Orisha had a different way of speaking to their descendants, so there were many languages ​​in the Yoruba world.

In the same way, there was no communication between the deities because each one spoke under their laws and their own dialect, so the Orishas did not relate to each other without human beings.

Each was left to its own devices and neither deity protected the descendants of the other.

Pataki where Obi "El Coco" wanted to unite the Orishas

On a certain occasion, a son of Obatalá realized what was happening in the world and spoke to his father to try to sow harmony on earth since he wanted in addition to the unification between brothers and to vindicate his negative actions with Olodumare.

His name was Obi, so it happened that Obi left in the company of Obatala and Oshagriñan towards the house of orula so that the great fortune teller of Ifá could help them to solve this situation.

The fortune teller Orula consults the solution to the conflicts "The same language for all"

Orula told them that the only way to solve the problem that afflicted them was:

The search for a new word that would unite the interests of the Orishas and men so that through the same language everyone could understand each other and there would be no more conflicts.

Then Obi said that he was willing to offer his house for the meeting that would bring together all the brothers.

The orishas were summoned to Obi's house where Oshagriñan told them that:

To prosper in life they had to act as a great family where each one protected their brothers and their children as if they were their own descendants.

The sacred word of Obi "The mediator between the Saints"

Obatalá established from that day that all men and Orishas would communicate with each other and with Olodumare through Obi's word, but that in payment for his defects and pride, he should always remain on the ground.

Among all the deities Asojano He was the only one to refuse to speak using Obi as an intermediary so he withdrew from the meeting.

From that day on, Obi was chosen as the mediator between the saints and human beings, his word being respected and heard by all.

His presence became vital in all religious temples so there is not a single holy house where his wisdom and presence are not venerated.

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