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4 Things that we should NOT have in our house if we want good vibes

Objects that should not be kept at home

Although flowers and decorations throughout the home or workplace, with their colors and scents, give us greater vitality and more energy, the fact is that they sometimes prevent positive energy from flowing properly through our home.

Many times amulets and other objects are put in the house to attract good luck, prosperity, love or money, but they coexist with elements considered negative or capable of attracting bad energy.

For positive energy to reign in the home Objects that should NOT be kept at home!

Objects to have good energy at home

We now list some elements that can attract bad energy to our home:

1. Ornaments and ornaments given by people not close

We must not keep objects given by a person who has become estranged from us or with whom we may have had disagreements and conflicts.

The best thing is to take them out of the house, give them away or donate them, as they can accumulate that bad energy that we feel when we see or remember the person who sent them to us.

2. Dried flowers and plants that block good energy

Vases with faded flowers or ornaments with dried flowers prevent positive energy from flowing.  

This also happens with artificial plants and flowers since, being lifeless, they do not let energy flow and block balance in the home, making the environment neither relaxed nor pleasant.

Some flowers such as carnations, when they dry, should not be indoors as they are believed to bring bad luck.

It is also believed that cacti or thorny plants can attract financial or relationship problems.

Therefore it is recommended to have them in open spaces such as terraces or perhaps windows, so that the energy continues to flow.

Nor should we keep plants that have dried up, either due to lack of care or because they have collected negative energies, in this case we must replace them with others. They should not be inside the home or business!

3. Mirrors and broken objects that attract bad luck

Mirrors that are broken, stained or in poor condition are a source of bad energy.

Therefore, they must be kept very clean so that positive energy continues to prevail in the home.

These elements should never be placed in front of the foot of the bed as it is an omen of bad luck and dark energies.

A clean mirror placed in the right place can help us bring light and good vibes to the home.

Other elements that are not entirely functional and break, let's not try to give it a second chance, let us first thank that it fulfilled its function in our life, and instead of saving them, let's say goodbye.

4. Parts of dead animals that do not flow for good in the environment

Keeping objects such as skins, shells, horns, antlers, ivory, snails, legs, or embalmed species are synonymous with bad luck and are said to stall energy.

  • It can be an exception if they are religious elements, consecrated and that have a special meaning and spirituality.

The truth is that our home is a temple, our temple, where we spend many hours a day, so we must attend to it, take care of it, pamper it, so that the energies flow smoothly, and this also helps us feel better, with peace and tranquility .

After you purify the home and remove those objects that can harm you or elements that do not fulfill any function, you can carry out cleaning in your home or business, in this way you can purify and clean your spaces of all the bad.

Some powerful cleanses you can do:

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