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Work to Eleguá to attract Ashé and development

Eleguá work for development

Today I bring you a work at the foot of Elegua to attract development, luck and Ashé to our life, if you have not received it, you can do it in his name, giving him knowledge.

Everything that is done with faith and heart is effective. There are many works of bathrooms, cleaning, waste with ingredients that sometimes we do not even think can be useful.

Since ancient times all the herbs, plants and foods of osain (because he is the owner of them in our religion) they have great benefits.

Corn and its religious significance:

Corn within the religion is a very important ingredient, it belongs to all the Orishas.

Its roasted ears of corn are dedicated to Babalú Ayé, and the roasted beans can be offered to the warriors Eleguá, Oggún and Oshosi. If the cob is cut into pieces, they will be for Iyá Oshún and Yemayá.

All the Saints like them, especially Baba Obatalá and the small and large Ibeyis. It is a grain that has great spiritual significance in the Yoruba religion.

Work to Eleguá with corn to have Ashé and development:

For our luck to come, in this work the main element is raw corn (it can be whole, grain or ground)


  • A handful of Corn
  • A white candle
  • 1 white plate
  • 3 cents for each package (9 cents total)
  • Cartridge paper or bread-wrapping paper (cream-colored)

In addition, you will need:

You must choose three types of "less black" grains, you will use a handful of each, for example, I will give you some options:

  • Bean
  • Chickpea
  • Lentils
  • Or other types of grains that you have at home.


  1. You take the paper and cut it into 3 pieces, not too small so that you can wrap the grains in it.
  2. You will light the candle.
  3. Mix the three types of grains you chose and the corn.
  4. Divide the amount of the mixture into three equal parts and place it on each piece of paper.
  5. Put 3 pennies in each package as well.
  6. Then you will close the packages, put them on a plate and place it behind the front door of the house next to the candle.

To consider: Be careful with the fire and be aware of doing this work when no one is bothering you, due to the fact that you are opening and closing the door.

Put the packages separate from the candle so as not to cause accidents.

  1. Once behind the door, you will ask from the heart and with all your soul to Eleggúa to open your paths for you, that with that cleaning you need all evil and negative energy to be separated from you and you will give thanks for being listened to.
  1. These 3 packets will be cleaned all over his body, he will pass them around his body from top to bottom and will put them back on the plate.
  1. When the candle is consumed, it will take its 3 packages and throw them in different corners.
  • If you do not have that possibility of the corners it may be on a hill.
  • If you have Eleggúa and you know how to ask where you want the offering, you can do it.

Always remember that where you throw your package should be in a place where you will not spend a long time, because it is assumed that there you will throw away the energies that cleaned it and you can collect them again.

I sincerely hope that this work of the little giant Eleguá helps him to develop in all areas of his life, in health, economy, love and abundance.

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