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What do you need in your life? Work Obbatalá to help us win

Work to Obbatalá

Baba Obbatalá in the Yoruba Pantheon He is a very fair and pious Orisha, a father who advises, guides and warns of the dangers of life so that we choose good paths.

He owns our heads, the purity and tranquility of our lives, without his blessing we cannot move forward, because the inner peace, humility and wisdom that he provides us we always need to achieve our purposes and be happy.

It is a very simple work, but the results will be powerful if you have patience and do it from the heart, above all remember that you must have a lot of faith.


  • Yam fruit (tuber known as mapuey, yampí or papa oca)
  • Eggs
  • White sugar
  • White plate
  • 2 white candles
  • 8 cents 

Preparation of this work with the powerful Yam:

This work that we will do in the name of Obbatalá, the Yoruba deity of purity, is a request for him to offer you what you need in your life from development and evolution.

The yam is a fruit that Obatalá likes a lot, in Cuba it is white inside, a color that represents the orisha in the Rule of Osha or Santería.

  1. First we must remove the skin from the yam and cut it into pieces.
  2. We proceed to cook the fruit in water and leave it until it is very soft.
  3. Once ready, take it out and let it cool.
  4. Meanwhile we will be making a meringue with egg and white sugar.
  5. When the yam is cold, put it on a white plate and knead the fruit until it is pureed, then with your hands you will make a tower with that mixture.
  6. To finish, we are going to cover the tower with the egg meringue that we made.

Invocation and short prayer for Obatalá in this ritual

Before the prayer we must light the 2 candles and put them in the name of Obatalá, giving knowledge of this ritual and the reason why we do it.

  • In case you have received the orisha, you must uncover the tureen, and if this is not the case, place this work high in a clear, organized and clean place in its honor, for example, on top of a piece of furniture.

With the candles lit and a lot of faith we make this prayer:

Obatalá owner of all white fabrics, you are the only one who has no fear of death.

Father of all heaven, king who rules over all the generations of the world.

I ask you to please dissolve all burdens that my friends possess

Be the only one capable of exposing all the abundance, love, health and luck in my life so that I become like you, great white cloth.

Protector of all white cloths, I salute you, father of the great Sacred Grove, thank you for your help and blessing.


Remember that it is very important ask for the blessing of the white father of the Osha and talk with him from the heart, without evil, give him knowledge of what you will do in his name.

How many days will this work last for Obbatalá?

You will have this work for 8 days at the foot of Baba, then you must take it to the foot of a mountain.aña or at the foot of a leafy tree, places in nature where its energy habita.

  • Always remember to take your right of 8 cents and leave them next to the offering.

May this work to Obbatalá come into your life to give you health above all things, good luck and mental clarity so that you know how to make the right decisions. Blessings.

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