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Work to Shango to get something specific "from another person"

Work to Shango

Shango is king in the Yoruba religion, is a head Osha, a strong and brave warrior who accompanied usaña in the battles of life and protects us when we feel vulnerable.

Orisha of dance, virility, fire, thunder, lightning and the owner of the Batá drums, dance and music; represents the joy and masculine beauty.

He is a good advisor, always guiding the right path.

How will this Work dedicated to King Shango serve us?

Work to Shangó with caña

This work is to get something from another person, it may be that they owe you money, or that someone has something of yours and does not return it to you.

At work it will help you if you are interested in a particular job, or in love so that that person returns to your side, but in this case I do not recommend it because you should not attract anyone if they do not really love you, but this is already personal advice from me.

However, remember that this work is not to do harm, but to open paths. You can use it whenever in the situation you are going through you need another person to give in, calm down or help you.

You can perform the work, even if you are not consecrated, as long as you have faith in Shango you can do the ritual in his name.


the tasty caña of sugar It belongs to Shango and it will be the fundamental ingredient in this work, so that the Orisha sweetens your path and attracts your purpose.

  • Caña of sugar
  • leaves of the caña of sugar
  • White plate
  • Brown paper
  • Graphite pencil
  • 1 glass
  • White sugar
  • 2 red or white candles

How do we prepare this ritual step by step?

  1. First you wash the caña and cut it into 6 pieces.
  2. You take a few leaves of caña and put them on the plate, in such a way that it covers it.
  3. On top of the plate covered with leaves you put the 6 pieces of caña very nice, remember that it is an offering.
  4. On the brown paper you must write the name of the person you are interested in, if it is a job it will be the name of the person who will admit you to that job.
  5. In the glass you pour plain water and 6 small teaspoons of white sugar to sweeten.
  6. You wrap the paper for yourself, that is, inside 6 times and put it inside that glass with sugar.
  7. You light the candles at the foot of Shango and with maracas you call him saying:

Shake your blessing every day
Here is your son / daughter (you say your name)
For you to help me (your request)
I deposit before you caña of sugar that you like so much, that you also sweeten my way to attract what I want, what belongs to me.
Help me my father
Always give me your protection, your strength and decision.
Kabiosile Shango!

Until when should we leave the Work?

This work at the foot of Shango is until you achieve your goal, in case you notice that the work is starting to get ugly you must remove it and do it again.

You will let the candles burn out, if you can light them for a while during the first 6 days much better.

The work at the end will go to the foot of a palm with 6 cents as a right to the Orisha.

It is ideal that you also cleanse your body so that you get rid of negative energies, below I leave you some very powerful ritual baths.

I recommend that you take 3 flowering baths at the beginning of this work:

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