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Work at the foot of San Lázaro for health

Work with Saint Lazarus for health

With this work you will be able to ask old Saint Lazarus for health and everything you need, trust and have a lot of faith while doing it, this Saint is merciful and compliant with everything that is asked of him from the heart, he understands the sadness and anguish that they bring sick with him, therefore he is compassionate and understands the afflictions we suffer.

Prayer to old Lazarus:

Let us say these words with faith to the old man San Lázaro before beginning the Work:

SPatron of Cuba,

A we entrust you with health,

Nor forget the needy:

Luz for the afflicted,
Adeath and peace for your devotees.
Zclays toast healing your sick
A who else but you,
RWe stand for our families and
Owe pray every day for your blessing.

Before doing the Work of Saint Lazarus for health, remember that you must do it with a lot of faith and love, spiritual works carry a lot of spirituality, confidence in what is done and you must do it with all your heart, so that the results are positive in your life. life and for the people you ask for.

Work at the foot of our Saint Lazarus:

I always ask that my mouth speak words of kindness, that they encourage and heal all those who need me and that my simple and blessed advice will always help them, I sincerely hope that this Work provides protection in their lives.

Print of Saint Lazarus
Print of Saint Lazarus Bendito

If you do the work at the foot of the image of the Saint much better, if you do not have a stamp you can print it and use it in this work and always carry it with you so that the powerful old man can accompany you at all times.

What do you need for the work?

  • A white plate.
  • Raw ministries (different types of legumes).
  • A purple or white candle.
  • A purple onion.
  • A purple cloth or sack bag.
  • Dry wine.
  • A tobacco.


  1. Take a handful of miniature grains (less black in color) and put them on top of the plate.
  2. Also put a purple onion on the plate.
  3. Light a candle next to the plate, and from the day the work begins, it must be lit every day until the 17th of the work is completed. 
  4. Blow dry wine and tobacco smoke on the Work and while doing so ask for what you need.
  5. After 17 days, put everything on the plate in the bag of your choice and clean yourself with it at the foot of San Lázaro. Remember that cleaning is done starting at the head and ending at the feet.
  6. After cleaning, take the offering that you put in the bag to a leafy tree and feel confident that this is how you have collected all the bad things in your life.

When doing this work or other religious work I always recommend wearing a keel (white headscarf). White symbolizes purity and covering our heads helps us receive protection as we connect spiritually with our Saints.

If you want to pray to Saint Lazarus to beg for health, you can do it with this powerful prayer Prayer to Saint Lazarus blessed for health Read more...

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