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Powerful Work at the foot of Eggun to achieve well-being and balance in life

Work with Eggun

Everyone an Eggun (spirit) who accompanied usaña with light and gives us that support we need in life.

In the Yoruba Pantheon the world of the Eggun, ancestors and ancestors is very sacred, they are the ones who guide our steps from that astral plane, giving clarity and guidance in our existence on earth.

When we need direction and protection it is always opportune to ask for the blessing of the spirits and ask them to accompany us on the good paths, with health and luck.

This work or ritual with Eggun It is not done in the spiritual vault, it is done in the Eggun Tile if you have it and if you cannot put it under the sink of your house or outside of it, if you have a patio better.

I emphasize this because many religious and devotees out of ignorance put these works in their spiritual vault.


  • 2 large or 4 medium sweet potatoes (known as sweet potato or sweet potato)
  • Corojo butter
  • White plate or bowl
  • Honey
  • Cascarilla
  • 9 guinea peppers
  • Red cloth
  • 1 candle

How do we prepare this offering on behalf of the Eggun?

Sweet potato fruit

These dead or spirits from their plane help us, but we must also give them their offerings so that they feel cared for.

Here is something that you can offer and your protective Egguns will like.

  1. First, cut the sweet potato fruit in the shape of wheels into 9 parts, but not fine, cut them with a thickness of approximately 2 fingers.
  2. You spread corojo butter on each wheel at the top and bottom and put it to roast.
  3. After roasting, you let them cool and put in an earthenware container or white plate.
  4. Above each wheel you pour honey, cascarilla abundant and a guinea pepper on top of each roasted sweet potato wheel.
  5. You light the candle to Eggun and present the offering, ask for their blessing, and converse with them.
  6. You cover the plate with the red cloth and let the candle burn out.
  7. The next day or the same day you can take the work to the foot of a Ceiba or to the mountain.

Put a lot of faith in this offering on behalf of the spirits, faith is the fundamental ingredient so that our gratitude and love can be felt in the delivery. Trust in its power.

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