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Work and Lamp with Eshú and Elegguá to get a house. Powerful ritual!

Work with Eleguá to get a house

It is Eleguá in the Yoruba Pantheon the little one, the unruly one, the warrior who walks with his squiggle, destroying all the obstacles that the mountain and the paths of life put before him.

When in life we ​​must face various complicated situations Eleguá can help us, not only is he the decision maker of our happiness, and the paths we take, but he is the one who balances all the energies that flow between good and evil.

One of the issues that can move us the most at the energetic level, since it represents part of our stability and balance in life, is the home, which is why many of us want a house, a roof where we can keep ourselves and our family safe.

If this is what we want, we can also ask the great Orisha, for this we carry out this Work with Eleguá to get a house, and that we have the opportunity to receive that great blessing.


  • Grains such as Corn, Rice, Lentils and Birdseed
  • Parsley
  • Honey
  • Toasted corn
  • Tobacco
  • Schnapps
  • Buy
  • Wick
  • 3 houses (you can make them or buy them in a toy store)
  • Large gourd or clay container
  • 3 cents

Procedure to perform this ritual on behalf of Eleguá:

  1. First on a piece of paper you write your order 7 times and put it at the bottom of the gourd.
  2. On top of the paper and inside the gourd you put Eshú and Elegguá in case you have both received, otherwise it can be only Eshú or only Elegguá.
  3. You mix the grains of corn, rice, lentils and birdseed, and pour them into the gourd until covering Eshú Elegguá halfway.
  4. Then you add honey, toasted corn and parsley to the 3 houses.
  5. You put the three houses around the gourd in representation of that request that we want.
  6. You blow tobacco smoke and brandy at Eshú Elegguá.

This homemade lamp will light our way

To make a homemade lamp or wick is very simple, it is like a candle, but it is made with oil.

Although there are several ways to do it, the basic way is to put oil in a glass container, and with a wick or cotton you can light the lamp.

Try to hold the wick with something so that it does not fall into the oil, you can use something that floats like a cork or a wire holding it at the top so that the wick stays up.

Once you are ready, you light the oil lamp and start talking to Eshú Elegguá about what you need, we share this beautiful prayer dedicated to the Orisha.

A short prayer to Eleguá to make the request:

Oh, great Orisha Eleguá, you who can do everything. I am forced to appeal today in your presence so that you can solve what dismays me. I (say full name) ask you to (specify the request about what you want). I know that my father Eleguá will not let me drift. Ashé.

We will take this offering to the mountain:

We will have this Work with Eleguá and Eshú to get a house for 21 days, we must bear in mind that the oil lamp must be lit every day for a while.

You will leave the houses at the foot of Eshú or Eleguá until you get the house you want, and you can wrap the grains in brown paper (cartridge or kraft paper) and take them to the mountain with 3 cents.

Have a lot of faith in Eleguá, sometimes we despair, but things always appear on the road when the Orishas wish, we must be patient and not lose hope that everything comes.

Blessings for you.

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