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Do you want to get a job with the help of Eleguá? open good paths

Work with Eleguá to get a job

Overcome obstacles and difficulties it is to emerge victorious from any problem we have, whether at home, at work, love, with justice, money, that is, with everything that is not going well in our lives.

This ritual with Eleguá will help you not only to find the job you need, but also to attract all that is good, and open the paths to solve problems.

Even if everything in your life is going well and smoothly, you can also do this ritual to thank, because gratitude is very important.

Have confidence, in each work you do you need to put a lot of will and a lot of faith that everything will be resolved.

This work is at the foot of Elegguá, the messenger of Olofin in Santería, a warrior who aligns our paths, the one in charge of opening and closing the doors of our destiny.

  • If you have not received Elegguá you can do this work with all your faith, do it behind the door of the main entrance of your house.


  • Plateau
  • Gofio (It is similar to white flour but more yellowish)
  • Honey
  • 3 currency of the country where you live
  • 1 candle
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco
  • Birdseed

How to do this Work with Eleguá to get a job and open paths?

This ritual will help us achieve the abundance, luck and prosperity that we need in our lives in the name of the Orisha Eleguá, the pathfinder.

  1. First, put gofio on a plate and add honey to it until it becomes a dough and you can make three balls of this mixture (you can also make 7).
  2. To each ball you introduce a coin in the middle, always taking care not to disarm the balls made.
  3. You light the candle to Elegguá, you blow brandy and tobacco smoke.
  4. You ask for Elegguá's blessing and put the plate with the three balls in front of him or behind the door.
  5. To finish the ritual, over those balls you will pour birdseed and a little more honey.

Final tips to finish the ritual:

Every day you must light the candle for a while for three days, put a lot of faith in it and talk with the orisha in this space of time.

The final destination of the offering to Eleguá will vary according to the objective of the ritual:

  1. If the work is to find employment, you must leave each ball of gofio in different corners, but if you make 7 balls, leave them all in the bush.

For example, one ball you leave in the first corner when you leave your house, another in the next corner and in the next, the third ball.

If you know where you want to work, you can leave the second ball in the path of the job you want to get and the other in the place where you need opportunities to open up.

  1. If you do not make this offering for employment, that is, if you have put it as an offering for Elegguá to give thanks or solve another type of situation, you must take the 3 balls to the jungle or a mountain.

Remember, when we do this Work with Eleguá to get work and luck, and we pray to the Orisha with faith, he will align our paths and give us good luck. Trust!

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