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Work with Eleguá to unravel the paths. How to have evolution?

Work with Eleguá

This work is dedicated to the first protection Elegua, owner of roads and crossroads, who opens and closes destinations for us.

This ritual for the small giant of the Osha is to open paths to our life and that a lot of prosperity reaches our homes and businesses.

Always remember that faith is the important thing, this work requires time, so you must choose a moment and a space of tranquility so that you can talk with the small but great Eleguá.

Many times our paths are twisted, closed and our life stagnates, if that is your case you can do this job.

Important before performing the Work with Eleguá:

If you have received Eleguá, this work will go in front of him or at his feet, and if he does not have it, then he must do it in the corner behind the front door of his house or in a corner of his house always close to the door.

Remember that this work, nor any other should be done in bedrooms or bathrooms.

Items you need:

  • 1 White candle
  • 1 purple candle
  • 1 Green candle
  • 1 light blue candle
  • Honey
  • 1 Transparent glass
  • Brown paper (cartridge paper)
  • A pencil (no pen, pencil should be used for most spiritual work)

In Cuba, the so-called "cartridge paper" is a thick paper widely used in all types of spiritual works. In other countries it is known as brown paper or wood paper due to its brown color.

Preparation of the work with Eleguá:

  1. On the brown paper you will write your name since this work is for you, for your development.
  2. All the candles except the white one are smeared with honey.
  3. You will place the candles in front of Eleguá or behind the door in the shape of a cross:
  • The White It will be located above, which means protection and light for Eleguá.
  • the light blue On the left, it symbolizes tranquility and dominating obstacles.
  • The purple below, which make problems disappear, turning the negative into positive.
  • The green on the right, to clear the roads and stimulate all kinds of growth, whether on an economic or personal level.
  1. The brown paper where you wrote your name will be placed in the middle of the 4 candles, place a glass of tap water on top of the paper.
  2. It will light those same candles for 3 consecutive days for a few minutes each day, until they are completely exhausted on the third day.

After having everything ready, start by telling Eleguá how wonderful he is, how well he takes care of you and protects you.

Thank him for your strength and that he has never turned his back on you when you needed him, that you need him to listen to you and open those closed paths for you and that in advance you are grateful to him for having granted it.

The miracles of the child Eleguá may not happen overnightañana, since all Orisha is of purposes and not of times, but it will come, have faith.

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